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  1. Great interpersonal skills Do you feel that the "eye for an eye" principle should always be followed without any compunctions?
  2. False. The person below me has a large collection of old vinyl records which they would never part with.
  3. An assembly line job. Do you think the importance of IQ is overrated when it comes to doing well on a job.
  4. False. The person below me has never had a speeding ticket.
  5. False. The person below finds candle light dinners to be romantic.
  6. orange In your opinion, which was the most enjoyable movie you have seen recently?
  7. False. The person below me only uses google's search engine for searching the internet.
  8. I never had any, but they seem like they would be delicious, judging from the online recipes. Do you believe that extraterrestrial life forms will one day invade planet Earth and enslave humanity? (if you believe aliens exist, that is)
  9. none. What is the longest drive you have had on the highways?
  10. False. The person below me always has a pleasant smile when greeting and meeting someone for the first time.
  11. Maybe. What is the first thing you would do if you walked into a room full of strangers?
  12. No. Well, once in a dream. Do you feel that the belief in the existance of God is just a product of the human mind that is based on cognition and social forces?
  13. I would have to say that it's the joys of helping others. Which is the worst fast food restaurant in your opinion?
  14. True. The person below me believes that social justice is severely lacking in the United States.
  15. False. The person below me thinks that TV ads soliciting charity/donations for starving children in 3rd world countries is a scam.
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