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  1. Hey everyone, About 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II DIsorder and never really considered that the two were significantly related. A week or so ago someone asked if two people shared the same spirit animal would that reveal anything about their mental or physical health. So, here I am. Two years ago, I found my black panther whose name is Kale. He's a very old, grumpy cat with a lot of wistful knowledge about things. I found him in a forest, he came to me and told me I couldn't touch him and it took months for him to allow me to touch him. The forest is on a cliff and there's a ridge that overlooks an ocean. Occasionally I won't be able to contact him, because he is in the "scary" part of the forest and he won't allow me in there. While he's in there I don't feel any different, just a bit lonely. He never answers when I ask what is in there or why he was in there. Those are probably the most significant things I can think of, but maybe the correlation is in the details. Feel free to share your animal, where you found them, their personality, behavior, etc.. Also, do any of your medications affect communication?
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