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  1. I get extremely irritated when depressed so I don't really address my feelings. This makes talking about suicdal feeling very hard for me. Plus the fear of being sent back to the hospital keep me from discussing suicdal feelings.
  2. I think its a good plan to spend some time alone. I like my alone time but if I spend too much time alone I have a hard time going back to spending time with people. Try to find a good balance for you.
  3. woke up this morning and was fine. By noon I was angry with everyone and everything. This has not happened since May. I was driving home from a trip (a 4 hour drive) and I was so mad at the other drives I had to stop driving. One of my friends was with me so she took over. Once I got home the feeling was even worse. I don't know if this is depression or maina kicking in but I wish it would stop.
  4. I also hope you find some relief. I use to have so much anger that I was afraid I would hurt someone. I was even hospilized becouse I felt so out of control. my doctor gave me gabapentin and it changed my life. The anger went away almost immediately. I hope you are able to find something that works for you.
  5. I can relate to your situation My doctor is giving my 40 mg of Geodon in the morning and 80 mg at night. The night time dose is not tbad but the morning dose is making me so sleepy I cant even drive to work. I've been drinking a lot of coffee to combat the symptoms. I like the way the Geodon makes me feel except the excessive sleepiness.
  6. I've been taking gabapention at a low dose(100 mg) for about a week and a half. It does seem to take the edge off but I think it would be more effective at a higher dose.
  7. The only thing I can get done is watching TV. My legs feel like lead and mentally I feel slow and off.
  8. The lack of energy is really hard. My legs feel like lead most the time.
  9. I agree with the most of the other posts you need to try to move out
  10. I have been gone for a few days; had a short 6 day stay at the VA psyh ward. I have a hard time controlling my anger and this leads to thoughts of hurting others and then a period of depression. One positive thing that came out of my hospitalization is I think I have problems with stress, frustration and anxiety. I never thought I had a problem with anxiety since I did not have sweating, rapid heart rate or other typical signs of what I persevered as anxiety. The doctor gave my mirtazapine 15 mg and gabapention 100 mg to go with the depakoe and geidon I was all ready taking. The gabapention is ok but so sedating I don't want to take it. The doctor thinks is strange that I stay stay hyped up on the depakoe and geidon. No one is more confused then I, this whole experience sucks. i liked it much beter when I just took Paxil and drink beer to control my emotions granted my anger was out control but I felt better. It seems my physical fitness is declining because I can not exercise like before I am so slowed down.
  11. Your right they don't make like the old wrestlers any more all pertty boys now
  12. I'm seeing the doctor on 27 May and plan on talking about talk about taking the Depakope and one Geodon at night. This combination makes me very tired. Not taken together I'm not tired as a matter of fact, I have alot of enegry but not mania . I do miss the maina I feel old now. I use to be able to do crossfit 3 to 4 times a week and run 3 times a week. Now I am super sore and take much longer to recover.
  13. I for one am excited about extreme rules and WWE in general. Anyone else?
  14. I did start off with 1000 mg and then moved up to 1500 mg becouse I was still having mania. The doctor gave me Geodon that seems to work slow me down so its working well at night. So far no problems to day. Thanks for the reply and I hope the Depakote works out for you too
  15. Getting a second opition may make you feel better. If you think it will then go for it
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