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  1. Although I never been on Dexedrine (past stims in signature), I get the opposite effect on stimulants. I am hypervigilant to my surroundings which is a huge factor to my Social Anxiety. Stimulants help me focus my attention on the task at hand, helps my brain filter outer stimuli, and helps me process one thing at a time instead of everything at once; all which inadvertently helps my Social Anxiety. Basically... Stimulants help me be social and being social helps me be talkative.
  2. Welcome to CB! Adderall made me jittery too, but can take other stimulants without the same effects. Stimulants are also notorious for suppressing appetites, which has caused me some blood sugar mishaps. It can be difficult to balance meds and diet/nutrition.having ADHD and taking a med that kills my appetite, I find myself using coping skills like timers and notes to remind myself to eat as well as eating small meals and snacks throughout the day (instead of 3 big meals).
  3. Not sure where to put this, as it's a question with many variables. And my brain is currently mush so let me know if I am unclear. I'm prescribed Vyvanse for my ADHD which helps a lot, and only on Propranolol for Social Anxiety (which I take before social things so I can use CBT/mindfulness). Trying to be on as little medications as possible has been my personal choice for a couple years now, and has been working 'okay'. However, my anxiety currently controls my life and I have dipped into a serious depression, so I decided to talk to my psychiatrist about adding psychotropic medications. I scheduled an appointment with my Pdoc, but was wondering if anyone had any experiences with Antidepressants (or any other med) that helps depression without causing more agitation or anxiety and won't interact with my Vyvanse? I've been on many different meds (past meds in signature), and ended up on low-dose AAPs and Benzodiazepines. I would like to avoid those 2 classes if possible. Anyone have experience in other medications or coktails that worked for adhd/anxiety/depression combo?
  4. I love the sunshine, but the humidity makes it impossible to do anything outside. Yesterday the humidity made the temperature feel 15 degrees warmer (temperature 95 degrees). Holy hell fire.
  5. I don't think it's a simple as "this" or "that". Mental health is intertwined with physical health and vice versa, that it can be hard to separate what is what. At my batshit craziest and while on a ton of different meds, I found out I developed Metabolic Syndrome from Geodon and Chemical dependency from Klonopin after 7 years on both. So my doctors and I decided to taper me off my meds for my physical health. In reality though, my physical issues from the meds were causing mental symptoms and mental health causing some physical issues. The tapering sucked, and some side-effects of it lasted for a while after, but it helped me and my doctors re-evaluate my physical AND mental health and started treatment for the symptoms of my Mental Illness and not the mental symptoms of my bad health. If that makes sense?
  6. 3 hours sound about right. Like WhoMe? I was tested for other Learning Disorders and screened for Depression as well to help sift through the symptoms. ADHD can look like a lot of other things, so a 1 hour interview session may not always be clear (especially if you have multiple diagnoses already). I had a similar experience. They missed by Math Disability even though I had a severe deficit compared to my other scores. To be fair though, I think they summed it up to Dyspraxia which I was already was diagnosed with.
  7. I also have tinnitus, being a constant high pitched ringing that only becomes deafening/unignorable when I stand up too fast or get a blood/head rush. Otherwise it's ignorable. Unfortunately have not found anything helpful for general tinnitus, and mine has no definable cause.
  8. I know, right?! I've been getting 2 month scripts so this was bound to happen at least once. I'm not surprised, but frustrated as hell! I've JUST started to get my schedule back on track after it was demolished from the holidays (yeah, it's February!) and then BAM no stim for a week. Doing the best I can with staying organized, but...ahhhkgh!
  9. Holy crap that was long! I'll come back and try to make it more ADHD-readable-friendly.* Ironically enough, I'm day 3 of a cold-turkey cut of Vyvanse. Because why? I forgot I needed an appt. to fill my RX this time around, and managed the appt. so horribly that I have to wait a week to get it filled. Ze life of ADHD... *I edited to include colors and italics, to help read. It isn't as long as it looks as most of the post is quotes.
  10. My brother and I both have ADHD (combined type) with Learning Disorders; him with Dyslexia/Dyspraxia and me Dyscalculia/Dyspraxia. Yet my brother received help over 10 years before I did. Why? He was the stereotypical "hyperactive" while I wasn't. We both have hyperactivity though including leg-bouncing, stimulation seeking (chewing, fidgeting. etc.), impulsiveness, etc. However his ADHD also manifested as running around in circles and getting into fights, while mine manifested internally causing anxiety and restlessness. Having Social Anxiety as a kid also made me way more self-conscious and aware of unwanted "attention" that my brother often received because of his behavior. I also think females tend to internalize their hyperactivity causing unstereotypical symptoms like anxiety, worry, or restlessness which often gets dismissed as "moodiness". I think just as many women are hyperactive and combined types, but fail to get recognized as such and are considered purely inattentive, because the failure to understand different manifestations of hyperactivity. I have a very similar representation and could write the same for myself! I made great grades (besides math) in Grade and Middle school, but burnt out by High School. Getting and keeping good marks was twice as hard as most kids, and I literally didn't have the capacity to keep at it by high school. I'm almost 30 years old and my life depends on color-coded calendars, post-it notes, and to-do lists. I think it's important here to identify the difference between hyperfocusing and ruminating. Hyperfocusing is when you are focused on a single task so intensely that nothing else around you, including time and bodily functions (like being hungry or having to pee), exist. Rumination is when you focus all your attention on a distressing thought, thinking about every possible different outcome over and over. Ruminating is common in anxiety, and can definitely be distracting, but is not necessarily caused by a deficit of regulating attention. **Not saying what you are experiencing is one or the other, but the difference can be helpful in finding out the cause and treatment.** From my understanding, Central Auditory processing Disorder is also a brain-based/developmental condition and not a hearing one. If that is correct then maybe your CAPD is causing the ADHD symptoms or you have a comorbidity? I certainly can't tell if you are experiencing ADHD or not, but I do know how complicated sifting through all the nuts can be. ADHD affects each person so differently, that it can be hard to relate to people with the same disorder. I don't think switching through interests is because of not having any talents. I think that's self-defeating and a bit stigmatizing to yourself. Getting caught up in projects and then 'abandoning'/getting bored/whatever is a common occurrence of ADHD and other developmental disorders. I can't tell you how much money, time, and effort I put in different projects over the years that I never finished, pushed aside, or never even started. Same here. Stimulants don't make me hyperfocus but also don't help me NOT hyperfocus. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of time on a single project, they help my ability to switch my focus more easily. Like before, I think ruminations in anxiety and hyperfocus in ADHD differ. But I think they can also be connected or overlap. Stimulants help my Social Anxiety in very similar ways. Instead of processing every single sound/conversation/person around me in social situations, Stimulants help me focus my attention on the task at hand (i.e. grocery shopping) so I don't ruminate on EVERYTHING around me that causes anxiety. Sometimes also, I think it's hard to focus (or hyperfocus) on tasks because I'm processing everything too fast/too much at a time. Stimulants help filter out the unimportant and organize the important, so I can sit down and focus on a task. Honestly though, Stimulants can also help people with depression and other MI when they are not ADHD. It is very confusing and tricky.
  11. @dancesintherain I'm glad what I wrote came out clearly as I wasn't sure if it was going to. I understand the struggle with exercise and diet, and the frustration of constant reminders from doctors and family members, and I hope some people can benefit from what I've learned over the past 10 years. @aquarian and to whom it may benefit... someone once told me to "get dressed [for exercising] before you make the decision not to exercise at all". Although that seems simple (and borderline patronizing) that quote has helped me many times. Getting started and keeping consistent (a.k.a executive dysfunction) are my most common hurdles when it comes to exercising regularly. But getting dressed even if I might not do anything helps prevent me not exercising at all and can help get me going because I'm already ready. It's a very similar idea to ways of fighting depression; like getting out of bed and getting dressed even if you don't leave the house that day. It get's you up and moving and makes you feel accomplished when you do it. And just as similarly to fighting depression, just being able to get dressed and moving is a huge accomplishment and can help you feel better and get you moving. It's often one foot in front of the other, without focusing on where you're walking to. Exercising, even for a couple minutes, is better than nothing. And if you still can't find motivation when you get dressed it's okay, you can just try again tomorrow.
  12. Didn't watch the video because holy crap 23 minutes?! ...but this to me sounds extraordinarily similar to 'mindfulness' teachings in Cognitive Behavioral and other therapies. No cult needed, just visit your local therapist.
  13. Definitely a thing. I didn't know it was a thing until I was diagnosed with Acephalgic ("silent") Migraine after an EEG ruled out Seizures. A typical episode of mine most often starts with either seeing flashing white lights or flickers of colored lights and then I develop light and sound sensitivity, nauseousness with food cravings (simultaneously), vertigo or amplified clumsiness, cold feeling in my hands and feet, goose bumps (often on one side of my body) that occurs with intense emotions/loud sounds/stuff like that, trouble recalling words and putting together sentences, issues with thinking clearly and seeing clearly, and general brain cognitive dysfunction that usually leaves me useless of anything. My episodes can last anywhere from a few minutes to all day and the symptoms vary each episode. Treatment is pretty much the same as my other Migraines. Unfortunately the diagnosis was complicated considering it looks like many other things.
  14. I'm happy to hear you are exploring treatments for your anxiety Every person has a unique experience with mental Illness, and treatment depends on their individual needs. Whether it be therapy, medication, or a combination. No matter what kind of therapy, I hope you find relief and power over your anxiety. Also please don't worry about "triggering" other people's anxiety, depression, or other symptoms. Here at CB we are all responsible for our own triggers. In matter of fact, it's in the User Agreement... I know it's easier said than done and that posting anxiety is a real thing (experienced it myself for the first year, and off and on since then). But just know that no one will fault or judge you for posting.
  15. Thank you melissaw, that helps. I think I may have to "go to the store" a couple of times because I "forgot something" LOL. I hope all goes well for you too.
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