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  1. Hi San... thank you for always answering my questions... I wish I had a pharmacist that I trust to help me... not so lucky here... I know anxiety is playing tricks with me, but is sad that no one Dr. can really tell me what is happening hate having this problems... today is my first day off Seroquel... fingers crossed
  2. Hi all, I'm scared of even asking this and what I might hear. Please, keep in mind that I've talked to drS and they keep blaiming my anxiety... I not so sure... I started Seroquel in Feb 2014. 50 for a month, 400 for 2, 300 for 2 and still lowering... I'm down to 25 now (misdiagnosed as bipolar). in the beggining I had some muscle tightness but no movement (maybe parkinsonism)... I had letargy and all classic symptoms... most of them at 400. O lowered to 300 and it improved a litle... now that I'm back to 25 the muscles in my leg are extrmly tight... I can walk and there is no movement, but when I'm standying up I fell like I run a maratone... no ache, just tight... don't know whag is happening and Im afraid I had some dystonic reaction at the beggining of the treatment that was masked by the seroquel and now os comming back with full force as Tardive dystonia... has anyone go trought fhis before? Seroquel stiffnes?? did it got better or can Instart crying because of TD?
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    Green Juice

    From the album: What I'm up to

    Theory.... Lettuce juice help you to sleep... lets try... ugh
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    What I'm up to

    nothing big.. nothing small... just something more... day to day bases...
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    Gardening day

    From the album: What I'm up to

    Something that helps me to relax
  6. Don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle ;)

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