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  1. I'd like to say treatment but it depends on the diagnosis. I was misdiagnosed with a personality disorder when I turned 18 on my first appointment with my new psychiatrist. He saw me for 10 minutes and made his decision. He took me off my meds. I became unwell, got a second opinion and ended up in hospital and then they realised there is no way I have a personality disorder. However because I was given a wrong PD diagnosis back then, it took 3 months till they found me a bed because they thought hospital wouldn't do me any good. I was severely depressed and I didn't stand up for myself. When I finally ended up in hospital they changed my diagnosis back and they apologised because they said there was no way I had PD. It wasn't on though because that doc took me off my meds... and I wasted a year out of my life being manic and then depressed. Sometimes the diagnosis matters because the diagnosis is what decides your treatment sometimes.
  2. We don't vote for prime ministers...we vote for MPs and parties. Parliamentary sovereignty all the way YAIIII. She was voted by Maidenhaid and her party won so she has every right to be prime minister since her party which was the winning party voted for her. We're not 'mericans My MP in my constituency which I voted for, voted for her. If I trust him to give him a vote, I trust his decision for voting May as a Conservative leader.
  3. As a Tory I'm still confused about this. I'm quite annoyed because my local MP is an excellent man and I have great respect for him. He has done so much for my constituency and he has an 100% response rate. I've met him, great man. This general election could put his seat at risk and if he loses, the lib Dems will take over which would be a catastrophe for my constituency. If we have another coalition I think the chances for a good deal with the EU will go out of the window.
  4. The only that kind of worries me is that I've calculated how many units I drink a week and it's around 70 or 80 if I go out clubbing. If I go over 100 I'd be physically an alcoholic and I don't want that but yet it's hard to stop. Nothing negative has happen to me directly from alcohol other than falling down ect or losing stuff (small shit basically) which is the reason why I kind of keep drinking. I've only been kicked out once from a club and I went quietly. I know it's bad but I haven't felt the badness so my subconscious is like 'why should I stop?'
  5. That hits so close to home. The only difference with me is ...malbec lol But in all seriousness stopping drinking as a UK student would be social suicide for me. I'd like to drink much more moderately and less but that is extremely hard. If I'm at the clubs with my friends...it's shots, if I'm at home I'll drink the bottle. The only times I haven't finished a bottle of wine is when I've fallen asleep.
  6. Not really but I always feel uncomfortable talking about anything negative when I'm stable with my psychiatrist because I don't want them to think I'm being needy or unwell when I'm okay
  7. Well, I wouldn't say I'm manic, people would realise, maybe hypo.... but again I doubt it. I'm happy and content but I'm taking my mood stabilizer. I don't know....
  8. As I've mentioned before I have a 'small' alcohol problem....probably due to my obsession with high life (I like to tell myself that). The only times that I don't drink is when I can't afford that expensive bottle. So, I'm a student and one of my hugest problems is concentrating when I do essays. I enjoy the essays I do but I can't concentrate at all since everything is done electronically nowadays. What I've found is that when I do essays and drink red wine (my drink of choice, don't know if it holds any relevance) my concentration is on point. My last essay that I did for university I got an A- and I was drinking most of the time while I was writing it so in a way I don't write rubbish when I drink. I'm honestly baffled why I can concentrate like a pro when I drink. I used to consume caffeine when I used to do work in the past and that in itself did the opposite, it didn't made me concentrate but made me procrastinate even more. I want to limit my alcohol intake. I drink too much during the week but I yet haven't seen a short term negative effect. Yes, I know long term it's bad but I'm not the type that thinks long term. I spent £4K on expensive equipment for my course the past 4 days since I got my maintenance money so long term negativity doesn't help me get on the straight and narrow.
  9. I was prescribed Vit C because I was always wearing long sleeves because I have a massive scar on my arm. Now it could be because of Bipolar because it is on bloody repeat and it tastes like oil but it could be just because I don't receive a lot sunlight and all....England and all.
  10. Out of the goodness of my heart I instruct all of you c*nts to recover. One Love

    1. RepentantSpatula


      I'm healed. Er, I wish I was healed.

    2. The Right Honourable Jimmy

      The Right Honourable Jimmy

      too much pain in this forum...

    3. RepentantSpatula
  11. I think there are so many people upset...something has to be done....even if I hated the chatroom because it was overpopulated
  12. I sort of have a crush with this girl I really like and we haven't been in a date but she came to my house party and it was like a date. I think we both like each other but when it comes to the point of talking about mental illness...I wouldn't lie about it but I don't see the point that I should shout it out loud or wear it like a badge of honour in further dates. Bipolar has nothing to do with my personality or who I am. A lot of people will blame 'stigma' because I wouldn't talk about it like how I would answer 'what my favourite band is?' but would someone that has been through cancer or a serious physical condition shout it out loud like it was nothing, no. I've met people in the past who use it as a relationship tactic or as something to brag about and it makes me very cautious about how and when I talk about my MI problems or ex-problems with non-MI individuals because I do not like people who do that(brag or use it as a tactic) and I wouldn't dream of being like them.
  13. I've been symptom free for just about over a year now since I've been back on mood-stabilisers. There is only one exception though, I had a hypo in the summer and spent lots and lots of money, partied hard and went to a festival in Scotland but I managed it. Being hypo at a music festival is perfect, that is till you start being risky with other stuff ect. So yes, I've been symptom free, on paper...but on practicality also. None of this really effected me greatly really and also I haven't had any symptoms since the summer or at least I think I haven't. So, briefly, YES
  14. It doesn't work properly on anti-psychotics. I've done it a couple times before I was on meds and then I tried it on meds and it didn't work. I've been taking less of my anti-psychotics for quite a while now because it was interfering with my creative process and I was on a mad night out, 2-3 months ago and I dropped some and it did work, but that was because I had reduced my AP dose so it only acted as a sleeping pill when I needed one. The anti-psychotic effects were not there hence it worked. All I'll say is don't try it when you're manic because the delusions will come out and they'll come out strong. It doesn't fuck you up though if you're completely stable. I've always been in favour of legalisation of psychedelics but that's because I'm very spiritual, I beilive that it connects me with other realities and realms not visible through the limited human consciousness. I'm not promoting it though.
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