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  1. I finally got the courage to talk to a Doctor about my bulimia today and feel like he was completely dismissive of it. I was in to discuss something else (pain meds) and he asked if my general health was okay, I told him I had been really worried about my health due to being sick most of my life (14 years), he asked if it was recurrent sickness but when I said that I had been doing it myself he said that the pain makes things feel worse and I would feel a lot better about it after I've managed to get some sleep. I am on pain relief for a minor operation I had last week - I hardly think that when I've recovered from that half a lifetime of being sick will feel less serious to me, I have been worrying a lot since before Christmas as I finally made myself face up to the long term problems and have wanted to have a health check since then. I have improved a lot over the last few months but still relapse sometimes. I had a friend at work with the same problem and we were going to help each other but it just made me relapse due to her being older and skinnier than me (she also binge exercises about 2 hours a day). I feel really humiliated that I dont feel I was taken seriously after finally getting the courage to speak up so I dont really see where else there is to go from this.
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