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  1. There could be side effects from light therapy. I've read here on CB people talking about it. It may be speculation to some people, but it does happen to some people that they become hypo/manic with light therapy. Just because it doesn't happen to you does not mean it doesn't happen at all. Studies show that there is little chance of side effect other than those directly related to the light - eye strain, headache... Light has a tendency to wire people up... and increased energy is also a thing. But studies show that there is no consistent history of major side effects. Stating there are side effects are more likely to make people think they're having them, rather than legitimately having them.
  2. Do you think going outside helps even when it is overcast (maybe it is overcast everyday in winter where you are)? More than just the SAD light on its own would? The light from an overcast winter day (in NH) is stronger than a lamp...
  3. A single incident of gaining erection as a result of looking at a child's legs, or even being aroused by a child, is not indicative of pedophilia. Funny story - when I was about 12/13 I was only attracted to people my age and I freaked out over the idea that I might be a pedophile... "what if I never stop liking people 12 or 13 years old?" However, I no longer am attracted to young children. LOL I would suggest you don't worry. Maybe it was arousal at the thought of a child... I wouldn't think that's actually abnormal. It seems like it might happen to people. Just... don't think about it for a while. Think about females your age. Or males. Or both... whatever floats your boat
  4. I find that a combination of using light therapy and getting outdoors for as much as humanly possible during the winter does wonders for SAD. Really... there are no side effects for light therapy. There is a lot of talk about inducing mania because of light therapy but it's inconclusive speculation. I use it daily for up to an hour... just sits on my desk while I do work. I mean... at the very least it's an awesome desk lamp.
  5. I took Lexapro and I never needed to go to 20mg, yet it is a case-by-case basis. I usually require higher doses of things. I used it for depressive episodes of Bipolar and it was very helpful. [Also very physiologically addicting] It had a desirable side effect of eliminating all anxiety. That was cool - but my anxiety is not very severe to begin with.
  6. Unfortunately, there is little that any of us are going to say that will change what you already know what you're going to do. It's up to you to make the conscious decision as to which path you wish to follow. Do you want to use again? You're, then, going to use regardless of what we say. I'm assuming that this is not the direction you wish to go. You want to release your emotions and thoughts on here... go ahead. Feel free to release yourself. In the end though... you're the sole decider.
  7. I had always questioned whether I had ADHD since high school - but after using Wellbutrin I realized it was true. Adderall now is overwhelmingly helpful.
  8. AAPs can magnify the intensity of alcohol. It can also do the opposite and make it so you don't know how much you've drank. Generally speaking, you will be fine to drink, regardless of how much you drink. There is always a risk. I would keep the alcohol consumption at a minimum.
  9. I slowed down drinking once I wanted my medications to work better. What that really translated into was no alcohol for a week then binge drinking every week or two. I stopped drinking in May/June completely and haven't drank since. My mother started to develop a severe drinking problem over the last year or so and when I returned from college I just couldn't bear (bare?) to think about drinking anymore. The thought of alcohol is repulsive now. She's in AA now after landing herself in the hospital twice. I do not want to drink, and even if I did, I wouldn't want to out of good conscience.
  10. I assume you take instant release? Yes, the medication should last about 4 hours. No need to be super obsessive about times... just 7 am and noon. That should be reasonable. Or whenever you remember. Adderall is not a medication you *have* to take. And the average dose is 20-30mg a day. The max dose for children is 30mg - but there is no "max dose" for adults. I take 40mg a day and 10mg in the afternoon if I have a long day. It's very rare to see people take more than 60mg a day. Also, tolerance doesn't seem to build up unless you abuse it.
  11. I am glad that you have found solace in the Church. God reaches out to everyone, but how will you respond? Give him a chance and he will give you strength. I promise
  12. Biotene's "to go" spray that's swallow-able actually seems really helpful to me.
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