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  1. . I sent an admin a pm with 2members of family to witness. This board is not safe, it's rude and arrogant. And if you have 50.000 people on your site none of this board is secure. A member of my family unwell, and I have to check what they have been on due to the mistake they thought they were with crazy meds where folk will not be so rude to you. Monday morning I am passing this over to the health care and they can deal with this. I notice to many people seem to tread on egg shells around elvis velvet. You do know it boils down to money. Please don't be intimidated by Admins. They have been given a responsibility and it's gone to there head. They have your info, email, etc. wake up and smell the coffee.
  2. "If a loved one is bipolar" Think to yourself, thank fk your not the only one.
  3. I bought some absinthe and was totally fucked out my face. With my meds it made me feel somewhat bad and I slept for a long time. I'm different each day, some days withdrawn and some I haven't got a clue wtf I am doing. Got a good health team around me though. My family are awesome and very patient with me. Some days I'm well and make a complete idiot of myself. My diet stopped on the first week but I can go without eating for 6 days. Plenty of tea and coffee is good.
  4. I did the same last year. I made plans and my head just ran off in a manic state. As always I fell flat on my face again. It's something I always do with the best intentions but I screw up big time. Worst of all I told everyone I know what I planned, and where I was going. If it wasn't for my family I would of ended back in hospital and that would of been awful. I clicked on your post because I saw dreams. When I sleep I have the craziest dreams, and when I wake I'm still tired all day. I basically live in my room, but still go on the exercise bike, but apart from that I am happy sitting/dreaming 24/7... Love movies and books. Sleeping is another world and the dreams are surreal ! I woke up one night screaming convinced I was in China and everyone's faces in the house confused me at my behaviour? I thought wtf? Why are they not listening! My meds keep me well, or as well as I can be. I have to say to myself many times, fcuk how people see me and bitch about me behind my back. Who knows what's around the corner for others? Sh!t happens in life. It did for us all here Peace.
  5. I agree with bpladybug regarding choice. We are what we are and have free will. Not everyone will agree, but I understand you want to put down who you are. Some people feel strong about there identity. Respect to you
  6. Thanx for the welcome, A mixed up start but it's cool. Peace
  7. Lmfao cool , I take it you like anything hot. Stick to Chicken vindaloo
  8. First, I apologise to everyone who read my post, I have explained in the rules section. WR, I have never signed into crazy meds? Or made an account. After reading the rules, I understand what crazy boards is about. Sorry about the suspicious thoughts I had, I read a negative post from a complete different forum. I've been ok for sometime, but ATM I am finding life tough. I lock myself in a room 24/7 and going out has freaked me out a bit. Everything is so fast? So I retreat. Seeing folks are on the same meds makes me feel human. By no means I'm glad your on meds, it feels good and I count my blessings. I over reacted yesterday when I received a letter, it took all day to try and understand it. VE, Admin and Mods, again I apologise for acting that way. Peace to all. Freetodowhatever.
  9. I'm really sorry. I read some posts on the page before I signed in from people who have been here before. I think your right I did read the rules incorrect. I understand that we cannot get soppy, and it's great to lift each other and support one another. VE, I'm sorry for how I saw this. Mia, I apologise also. Yes I could get good help from this site. Kind Regards Freetodowhatever.
  10. Best to read the rules. Just looked at some posts and what people have said, wow it sure contradicts. (Rules contradict rules)?? I don't like passive aggression, especially in some sensitive areas. Also, admin, mods or whatever you are, you are accountable for what you say. I'm not a spammer, I don't promote, I just entered a forum that gave me some help. After reading this, not only will I close my account, but thanks for directing me here. It could have been very damaging for myself.
  11. Hey Mia , thanx. Got a lot of help but it's when my head says yes to see them and no. I sit in my room about 80% of the time! then when I get out it all goes wrong. Hope I'm making sense folks
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