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  1. I have no mental illness problems. I am not currently stressed/anxious. These hallucinations come and go in episodes. One week, I'll have countless ones every night. The next week, nothing. Again, stress has not seem to be a factor, unless it's unconcious anxiety and this is my way of unleashing that? Honestly, I'm dumbfounded and when I talk about the voices I hear before I sleep, people look at me as if I'm crazy. Is there any reason as to why some people get these hallucinations and others don't? Differential dopaminergic pathways? Something of the sort? And, is it likely (from the circumstancial bit that I've told you) that these feelings might increase into sleep paralysis?
  2. I've been having a lot of auditory hallucinations before I go to sleep. I've never noticed them much before, but within the last few months I haven't been able to go to sleep before one or two in the morning because of these random voices that jolt me back to reality. I know that they are inside my head; yet, I can tell that they're echoing from a hallway, or spoken to the right of me. Typically, they're people I don't know talking about really random stuff -- sometimes, that stuff is just weird associations (my sister says "idolatries" a few moments later she says "toilet paper", obvs my mind going from idolatries to toiletries to toilet paper). Sometimes, I see things. This is less common and is accompanied with acute paranoia. I also suffer from derealization and depersonalization. Is this normal? Just hypnagogic hallucinations? Or something else?
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