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  1. I do. I recycle plastic, glass/metal, food, and paper.Here in Norway, they make it easy. I just added a recycling drawer to my kitchen. I am stupidly happy about it. What are you doing right at this moment?
  2. No way. I do not have the heart of an adventurer.sadly. Are you a reader? What book are you reading right now if so?
  3. I just checked the fitbit app. Was 2017 a good year for you?
  4. I have never been to Australia but I would LOVE to go! The only thing really stopping me is the incredibly long flight. The longest flight I have ever endured was 13 hours to Swaziland. It was not a picnic. Wine or Liquor?
  5. Yes. Both versions. I watched the British version first so when I started watching the US version, it felt derivative. But..as the seasons went on, the US version is much better. In the end, I was glad I watched both as it is an interesting portrayal of both cultures. How was your Christmas?
  6. Yes. Two in fact. Both in Florida. One was Cocoa Beach and the other was Clear Water Beach. I love going to the beach so much but don´t often get the chance as I live in the Frozen North. Who is your favourite musical artist?
  7. Very strong, very black If you read, what book are you reading right now? If you watch tv what is your favorite program on right now?
  8. Three. One in English, one in Norwegian and one in Greek What is your favourite thing to do?
  9. Nope What are your plans for the Summer?
  10. I would if he wanted to. What was the best thing that has happened to you this year?
  11. No I would not. Every life is worth more than a billion dollars. Besides, how do we know one didn´t kill the person who could change everything for the better? Do you think we will have a good president after the elections?
  12. As inky black as my soul. And no. can not function without it. Do you have a SAD light? Does it work for you?
  13. Yes, if I make it myself. The kind you get pre-made is nasty. Do you use Kindle/Ipad/Tablet or do you prefer a real book when you read?
  14. A paperwhite kindle..and I got one so I must have been pretty good this year! Did you celebrate Christmas? If so favorite gift?
  15. Laptop What are you looking forward to?
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