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  1. Hello family! I am now on clozapine and am wondering if anyone has had long term success with it... did anyone comply with with the weekly lab work? Please help!!!
  2. Hello. I am technically diagnosed as "pre-diabetic" by my medical dr, but from what I am hearing from the nurse at my MHA, my Pdoc can put me on Metformin (for diabetes). My glucose numbers are skyrocketing from my new meds Zyprexa, Lithium and Lovastatin(for high cholesterol). Apparently diabetes is a direct side effect of these medications. I need them because they are the only ones that have helped stabilize me. Has anyone here been put on diabetes medication by your pdoc?
  3. Thanks for the comments!! My zyprexa was prescribed while I was inpatient and I was never ever alerted to a possible side effect of developing diabetes. Now that I have been informed on this site, I have even found out that there have been class action suits against the manufacturer not warning about these side effects. My regular pdoc will probably want me to come off of it, but I don't want to. It has been the only AP that has helped me with my psychosis. I guess I will have to change my diet and keep my carb intake at a minimum.
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Stephaney and I have recently been checking my Fasting Blood Sugar in the morning. I am concerned that one of my psych meds could be causing my glucose to skyrocket! My FBS have been 178, 140, and 154 over the last few days. My dr was concerned enough to run labwork on my yesterday to see if I am now diabetic. Are there any diabetics here that can shed some light on if my meds could be raising it? I have been on many different antipsychotics lately but none of them has ever done this before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated P.s. you can find my recent med list in my signature...
  5. Thanks guys. I wasn't looking for someone to diagnose me here but rather get some advice on how they were diagnosed. Just deciding whether or not to bring it to my pdoc's attention. Thanks for the advice so far
  6. Hello everyone, I have been having visual and auditory hallucinations since September of 2014. My pdoc still hasn't changed my diagnosis at all and I am wondering if I should bring it to her attention at my next appointment. I have done some research about it and find that with my symptoms I should technically be diagnosed at schizoaffective disorder instead of bipolar II with psychosis. My visual hallucinations are my dead relatives just standing in front of me (not scary, more protective) and my auditory hallucinations are a group of voices that constantly tell me to kill myself and how worthless/hopeless my life is. I am scared of the voices because they make me want to act impulsively and just end it. I am hoping that someone can give me some insight on how their pdoc diagnosed them... Thanks in advance
  7. Hello friends, I just got out of the psych hospital and my inpatient pdoc changed all my medications around. I am now taking 20mg of Viibryd, 10mg of Zyprexa, 200 mg of Lamictal, 5000 iu of Vitamin D, 600 mg of Lithium and 50 mg of Atenolol. I am having a hard time giving up the sodas due to the danger of dehydration with the Lithium. There are also a lot of other rules that I must follow in order to stay on the Lithium. Does anyone have any other advice on what I should do? I am terrified of having my Lithium levels reaching dangerous levels. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello everyone! I have been taking 5mg of Brintellix for a little over a week. The nausea comes and goes. When I do have it, it is severe and I actually vomit. I have been trying Zofran to minimize the side effect. Constipation has been a problem too but I have been trying Miralax. Overall my mood and anxiety has improved dramatically. I haven't been on an antidepressant in about a year. I am taking it along with Abilify 2mg and they seem to be working well together. I have actually noticed I lost weight but that could be from the lack of appetite and vomiting. I hope to have a great experience with this medication and will keep everyone updated to my progress.
  9. Well i don't have an appt with my pdoc until December, so i am on the med-go-round until then.
  10. Hello all. I am taking quite a variety of medications (as seen in my signature) but I am ready to come off of them. I haven't spoken with my pdoc about it yet, but all these meds are was to expensive for me to afford and they are honestly bankrupting me. It's either food or meds?! I don't even feel like the meds are working anyways. So whats the point in trying to take them if I can't even afford them. Sorry if I just seem to be venting but I have been considering this for quite some time. Thanks for listening!
  11. My medication cocktail has changed as well... Lamictal 25mg (slowing increasing) - Mood stabilization/Psychosis Prolixin 10mg 3Xday - psychosis Abilify 2mg - bipolar and psychosis Trazodone 50mg - Insomnia Artane 2mg 3Xday - muscle spasms Atenolol 50mg 2Xday - migraine prevention Restoril 15mg - Insomnia Neurontin 800mg - Mood stabilization Ranitidine 150mg - Gastritis Vitamin D3 1000iu - Vitamin D Deficient Prenatal Vitamin - overall health Seroquel 100mg PRN - Anxiety
  12. Hello everyone... I went to my mental health services office today and scheduled an appointment to see my nurse and see what my dr wants to do... The only bad part is that my appt isn't until Tuesday. I have to make it a few more days feeling like I might hurt myself. My husband is aware of what's going on and is trying to be supportive. Even if I do end up in a psych ward, he will be there for me... Thanks everyone for the support
  13. Well it is another night of wanting to do something impulsive. I either want to get admitted somewhere for my own safety or just get arrested... Why can't I be normal and not have these powerful thoughts..
  14. Hello. I take 800 mg a day and I really haven't seen any improvement from it. My pdoc is cool with increasing it, but I don't feel any effects at all from it. Hope this helps...
  15. Hello. I am having crazy intrusive thoughts about getting myself arrested to kind of get a break from life. I keep trying to distract myself from it but nothing seems to be working. Please help before I do some thing ill really regret!
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