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  1. Yeah, it always scares me too. But I've never had any trouble with it...just a matter of getting the paperwork through all the right channels. I hope it goes smooth!
  2. Hey ya'll! Great to hear from you both!!! Tryp, I'll talk to you on chat sometime soon! Olga, I just thought of you when I was writing in my blog and wrote about my gps! The gps got me all the way to your place one time! Well, from the airport, I think. I'm glad you still think of me...I still think of you also...I'll check out your blog to see if there's any good food on there! My best to both of you!
  3. Just remembering that this site was a life saver for me at one time.....seeing who all is still here...and making new friends too!
  4. I have felt like some animal has died inside me and is pussing throughout my body. Terrible terrible that pain is. I know you can find relief.
  5. I would have not spent five years with my same pdoc without getting better. And, I would have insisted on staying in the hospitals until they got it right and I got better. Good topic.
  6. I'm glad questions are being asked. Personally, DBT has been very effective in helping to stabilize me, in teaching me various skills that I lost during the worst part of my illness, in teaching me skills that I never learned and in general, helping me to cope with my illness on the bad days and enjoying the good days. I'm tired tonight so I can't go into much details (i just had a crying jag) but you can find dbt specific skills online. Let me warn you, they can seem overwhelming but the skills are learned and then practiced on an everyday basis and they become second nature. The skills have greatly affected my life for the better. I graduated from my one year dbt course about a year and 1/2 ago and I still use some of the skills on an everyday basis. Let us hear more about your journey!
  7. I had a bad bout of depression for five years (I have bipolar II disorder) and I would highly recommend it. (not the bipolar disorder-the DBT ha!) It taught me how to live again. Hope you get a great teacher/teachers!
  8. A low dose of Prednisone over like, five days, works well. Sunshine Outside
  9. Dear Daisy, How are you doing now? Sunshine Outside
  10. Intrusive thoughts are common. Combined with OCD they can become very uncomfortable. Usually a person will not act on them if they are distressed by them. The people who have no concern about them is different. Sounds like you're o.k.. I've had several intrusive thoughts over the years. One night I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic. I thought I would kill my children with a large knife. I immediately called the Psychiatrist on call and explained. After asking me questions, he said that I was probably o.k. and I was. Scared me to death.
  11. Looks like you created a new blog?

  12. I need to come back to life

  13. Hi. ECT side effects vary. My brain was fried for a while. Think hard about it. I wouldn't say don't do it. When we're at the end of the line and we are in so much pain, in my opinion, it's worth a try. I don't know if you will be able to work. You are likely to suffer some memory loss but how much and how long varies. Maybe you can speak with your doctor and find out if they are able to monitor the memory loss. Maybe there is a way to minimize it these days. I haven't done much research about it lately. There is a organization called ECT.org. (I think that is what it is called) Google it. It has a lot more information there by consumers. P.M. me if you have any questions about my experience. Wishing you the best, Sunshine Outside
  14. Welcome! Make yourself comfortable here. Sunshine Outside
  15. Thanks for responding to this thread. I have a lot more information now that I can use when purchasing appliances now. I appreciate it! Sunshine Outside
  16. My husband was just offered a super deal on stainless steel kitchen appliances...are fingerprints really that hard to get off? What are the pros and cons of stainless steel? Thanks!
  17. Maceo, I think I've worn your shoes....I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. Does your state have a mental health system?
  18. I don't know about your meds and illness but I'm glad you made it here. Do you have a Pdoc. that you trust? Welcome!
  19. Hi Hera, Welcome! Glad you stumbled upon us. Warmly, SunshineOutside
  20. Sorry guys, I stated that wrong. If I remember correctly, the Lamictal dosage can be adjusted while taking bc pills. Check it out.
  21. Hi Papertrees Lamictal can in fact reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. Do you only have one doctor? Do you have a gp? Sunshine Outside
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