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  1. i feel unsafe pretty much all the time. i don't know if it is a trauma thing, but it sounds like it could be. is this something you are able to discuss with a pdoc or tdoc? for me personally it's like a mix of paranoia (from a bad episode that never really went away fully) and hypervigilence
  2. I can't really speak to the anger (I'm more of a repressive type myself, which isn't very healthy but it's on the therapy bucket list) but I can 100% relate to weird obsessive thinking. I mention obsessive thinking because there was some stuff in your comments which resonated with me. I think sometimes in psychology there is an urge to go deeper (i.e. trauma, unconscious, etc.) rather than go broader (e.g. does this fall into a pattern). When I was a teen I had this mental habit of thinking up a 'word of the day'. There was no rhyme or reason to this- there was an obsession though, I was
  3. IDK much about your situation other than the above, so I don't know if having access to shipping for gifts would make a serious positive impact on your life. I'm not being flippant, it may well do. My feeling is that as you were hurt by your aunt, have not had much inclination to restart that relationship in a decade, and contact with her would probably remind you of how horrible she is, then don't engage. I don't know if she's this kind of person, but there are some folks out there who'd do anything to get a metaphorical foot in the door to re-establish old harmful patterns. It's possible she
  4. Yep, one thing to ruin your own health but it's another thing to put your employees at risk. Even Bojo stayed in hospital long enough to properly recover (at least to the point of not being infectious)
  5. Oh man, it's horrible when you try to relax and the perfectionism still ruins it. As Coraline says, you have to let yourself make mistakes, even when your brain sucks IDK all that's coming to mind is that old CBT thing- when you are at your most anxious, keep pushing through it, otherwise you stay stuck in the anxiety. As perfectionism is part anxiety, perhaps the best thing is to continue, whether with the current doll or a different one. Can the unevenness be a feature? Like high fashion- it's not a mistake its a highlight Maybe you can crochet a cute scarf for the doll? I've
  6. Wow , if nothing else there seem to be an impressive amount of people on there. I do find it very difficult to read anything about OCPD that isn't from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Whether it's the professionals or those who suspect a loved one has OCPD, those experiences are very different from my own. But I'll go and investigate, there seems to be a OCPD only board. The affection thing doesn't surprise me. I think it depends on what kind of affection, if any, you've received previously. It's very difficult trusting people when you're already prone to being closed off and guarded, and
  7. would 100% recommend transitioning from smoking to vaping to quitting entirely. i stopped smoking about 4 years ago and started vaping. word to the wise- i stupidly misjudged how much nicotine i consumed and started vaping on a much higher concentration than i should have done. i went from like 8-10 cigs a day to the nicotine equivalent of 3 packs. the good thing is, e-cig liquid has different concentrations so you can go to a lower and lower dose at your own rate. actually it was only because of recent events that i moved from the lowest dose of nicotine to none at all, then reducing ho
  8. there are three components, mindfulness stuff, acceptance (mine's leant more towards Banana Smurfs experience) and values. Like rather than focusing on goals, its more about becoming the person you want to be: https://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/act.htm i havent really found mindfulness helpful, but the other two aspects have helped. particularly with self esteem/intrusive thoughts
  9. It does make sense. Anxiety/stress can be itself triggering. Like if someone with health anxiety worries about something, gets heart palpitations, then panics and thinks they're having a heart attack or something. The trauma can be traumatising I guess. I think I saw some graphic once that tried to explain how trauma is formed. Part of it is things you would expect, like proximity to the situation or relative intensity. But it also mentioned your own personal circumstances around the traumatic event. Whether or not you had a support network, good self esteem, pre-existing mental health co
  10. This looks really interesting, I will say I find it strange when these kinds of articles reference a lack of self awareness.. I'm fully aware that my OCPD is BS
  11. I remember you saying, I think even if not a therapist maybe a counsellor or someone to talk to could help. Would you consider a support group? Either way its still a hard thing to go through. I hope this time off goes well
  12. Yeah I think for those of us used to a dysfunctional way of living, going back to chaos can feel safer than trying to be healthy. IDK 'just not used to being well' is an experience a lot of people here can understand. I think it can be helpful to take these things one step at a time. Rather than looking over the cliff edge at an impossible drop, just taking sensible steps to a place you'd rather be in. I know I sound like a broken record, but therapy can help, even though it can definitely feel like a huge hurdle. If you ever struggle to know what to say you can always show them th
  13. Hopping over from your blog- TBH your tdoc needs to go back to school. I think the causes of trauma is wildly misunderstood by a lot of the psychological community. I had a similar experience, I was in a bad relationship but because it was only emotionally abusive it didn't count (ugh). From my entirely amateur perspective, any one of the examples you mentioned would be traumatic. I don't know if it will help, but I have some resources if you want to investigate further: https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/acestudy/fastfact.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fvio
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