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  1. 100%. There are Tories who think they are doing the old fashioned thing and thats the right way, or there are Tories who'd kill their own grandmother to be in power. BJ is the latter. That is, if he even has a grandmother. He's being very cagey about his family. Blah, wish I could tell you. I'm so out of the loop I forgot about the Brexit 'deadline' in April. I can tell you that, since the government has a nice holiday for August, the chances of having a deal in place by the next deadline are zilch. Not only will the new leader have a months break, but they'll have to assemble a cabinet and create a new deal and discuss it with the EU... Put it this way, I've heard people who's employers have only prepared for no deal. Remaining or a deal are not realistic anymore. If it's Boris, consider it a given. The best I know, without a deal that explicitly protects free movement for EU nationals (about as likely as a cure for cancer) then EU citizens will be treated like everyone else. Which is to say, you'll need to go through the visa process etc. Honestly though I doubt the Home Office cares about Americans, it's refugees and Commonwealth citizens they don't want (you know, people who really deserve a home here but 😕). I don't know about employers. Some have already picked up sticks and moved on (fucking Dyson bastards) and more are likely to do so in the event of no deal. Why stay behind and cope with the paperwork, cheaper in the long run to go elsewhere. This entire fiasco is going to make a handful of people very rich and very important. Luckily some of them are politicians, so we know they have our best interests at heart. EDIT: reread this and I accidentally insinuated there's a right way to be a Tory- what I meant to say was there's the old guard who refuse to modernise because they think they're right.
  2. Ah sorry I meant Andrex. Silly puppies with their toilet paper and paint and condoms... What Multiple neighbours were concerned about the uh, argument that doesn't exist because BJ doesn't need his private life investigated! Even though he could be PM! Luckily he and Trump have enough in common that I don't think anyone will be concerned about a little violence against women. This was Stone. Cold. My friend works in an industry with strong links to EU regs and apparently they have only prepared for no deal. By the time C-I mean, Hunt or Boris actually get in, organise their cabinet, and come back from August break, they'll have zero time to negotiate anything. I do think he is genuinely racist/homophobic, but he genuinely thinks that since he isn't committing hate crimes it's all just lads being lads right.
  3. I have dyspraxia and this fit me so well. I was literally about to start a new thread about it until I saw this one. It's scary. Can't handle conflict at all. I thought my breakdowns every time I got into even minor arguments were anxiety based. The last time I was at therapy I talked about this and how I can't come down from it, none of the usual therapy stuff works. Dang. @Blahblah I'm sorry, that sucks. I've been meaning to start a commisery board for those of us who have... feelings about being diagnosed with BPD. Not a BPD hate thread, more that no matter whether it's an accurate Dx or not pdocs have a way of wielding it like a condemnation rather than a disorder. I'm gonna stress that people with BPD are, you know, normal people who happen to have a mental health problem, and the issues I have are with the professionals.
  4. YAAAY CONGRATS woop woop woop that's such good news. if the brain feelings start creeping in and trying to erode the pride you righteously feel, tell them to eff off. you deserve to feel proud of yourself.
  5. BJ couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag without calling it something racist and blowing millions of pounds for a failed escape attempt. Also I'm glad we both made the same Durex/Andrex mistake (at least, mine was a mistake). I accidentally said the Durex dog at work and my coworker couldn't stop laughing haha Well, that was a little levity before we sink back into reality. Anyone got dual citizenship? Please marry me I beg you
  6. Mega, you are doing a bad job of trying to provoke a fight and get everyone into some kind of internet war. This is a mental health support forum, not a soapbox where people can say whatever bizarre stuff they like. I don't know if other people feel the same, but I don't want this turning into a fools errand. Ridiculous statement is ridiculous, moving on. Just a small thing but I couldn't even open the article. Might be location locked though. Genuinely, I hope you are talking to a professional about the anxiety and suicidal ideation you feel, and the problems you have with relationships. A lot of people experience the same thing, and any therapist worth their salt will be prepared for this. How are you doing since your last post? You leave quite big gaps in between posting.
  7. The one thing worst than waking up at 4am on a workday is waking up at 4am on a workday with terrible hair

  8. Yeah, they've been really nice. Thank goodness the hours were able to be shifted so I'm only half an hour out. I feel very lucky, it's a good job and they've been very kind to me. It is difficult for me to be open about having a PD- there's a huge amount of misinformation and stereotypes, as I'm sure we've all experienced in our own ways. It couldn't have gone better in the end, it's just me having anxiety about everything
  9. Yeah, TBH I'm not sure why I feel like this. Thanks for replying though
  10. Ok so this is really an addendum to my last, sad blog post, but maybe others can relate. I've had a really bump up in anxiety over the last few weeks and I've been struggling to think myself out of it. A while ago I saw something that equated these bumps in anxiety to having a cold or other inconvenient but minor illness. Sometimes you just feel a bit bad for a while and then it sorts itself out. IDK someone tell me I'm not alone in this haha. Part of the problem is that I'm assigning too much meaning to this anxiety, and thinking of it as the 'flu' rather than a serious premonition seems like a better way of dealing with it?
  11. I don't know if cooking is included in serious life hacks, but I know Jack Monroe has a pretty awesome blog which posts low cost recipes. It's based on UK prices but I think a lot of the principals still apply. For context- Monroe went through a period where they and their child could barely afford to eat, so started to create recipes that were tasty and nutritious whilst still cheap (there are recipes that cost pennies for example). I'm being very reductive- Monroe's story is not 'inspirational' but born out of necessity. Food poverty is a very large and present issue right now, especially for those under 'universal credit' (UK focused again). https://cookingonabootstrap.com/2016/02/08/what-to-do-with-leftovers/ This seemed like a good place to start. As for UK specific life hacks, if you are going to the NHS for a mental health referral/diagnosis, you have to tell them how you feel at your worst. Sadly, the way the current system is set up, if you walk in there looking fairly normal and not actively 'at risk', you will get shoved onto a long waiting list or passed off to a local charity. Doesn't matter how serious your condition is, or how chronic, they will just give you whatever they have at that moment. Unfortunately it also helps if you have family or friends to back you up and to make sure you are being treated seriously. Again, don't know if this helps or if I'm preaching to the choir but there you are. Try to avoid doing what I did and people please, you have to stress that you are X/Y/Z and you need A/B/C treatment
  12. Dear Gods the EU election results were not surprising but still shocking. The cult of F***** continues
  13. Oh my God 😂 Yeah it's a little less celebratory and a little more lets start throwing rotten tomatoes. Last one to Westminster is a milkshake tosser. I've decided to resign myself to the fact that it's going to be Boris. I can't believe London's most obnoxious mayor is going to be the second floppy haired fash-light the world will have to deal with. I shudder to think how well F*rage (excuse my French) is going to do at European elections EDIT: and we can bet our last redundant penny that whoever gets Tory leadership won't call for a GE until they are forced to. At least TM was good for something, even if it was showing them they should stick to what little control they have.
  14. Thanks Geek, argh it is stressful. I'll wait to see what they say to me. If they asked me to take a break I'd be ok with that. I don't want it to affect my work. I did have to tell them, since I was asking for time off they needed to know what specifically was the issue. Part of the stress is that I was meant to tell them this on my initial form but didn't, since it's a condition that now affects my work, and that might be a serious problem. I feel like an idiot on top of being stupid.
  15. Stressful day today. I feel like I'm being torn from every direction. I keep getting different advice from different people. Although new job people sound lovely, I also worry that I've messed up to the point where they could be justified in terminating our contract (long story). Tried talking about it with family and since they are going through their own problems, they were a little frustrated. My dad feels that my therapist is being unreasonable and should move my hours. Tried pointing out she has other clients and after work is very popular, but whatever. This whole mess is my fault anyway. I've had to 'out' myself to my employers because they needed a reasonable explanation for the time off, so now I feel pretty vulnerable about telling them my PD. This is, to be clear, my fault and not anyone else's. I don't know, I feel tdoc made me feel better about asking for accommodating hours but my dad thinks I'm pissing off employers because it'll mess up my training. So do I be assertive or do I just say maybe no therapy until I can do later? Literally the best case situation would be where employers wouldn't know about therapy or OCPD at all. But here we fucking are so 😕 anyway I keep crying and being dramatic so could someone snap me out of it
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