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  1. I have been on both juvigil, provigil adderall and now vyvanae. I thought amps would be curealls for mental stamina and lack of motivation but it's still a struggle. Meda help 70 percent or so. The other 30 I suffer through or try exercise or talking with people or organizational tricks ( sit down at desk for 5 minutes). Pro vigil works more quickly than vyvanse but both are strong. I took 150 nuvigil, than switched to 200 pro vigil, than 40 mg by vyvanse. Keep plugging away and trying stuff as I have ups and downs but have been As good as can be.
  2. Better than this morning and trying not to be anxious.
  3. Not sure if you want to taper or change meds. I have been taking Tranxene 3.75 mg 2 x a day for about a year but trying to quit. 4 days off so far CT. IMO and experience fast onset of action and long duration but anxiety is also situational. Prescribed 0.5 mg Clonazepam for panic attacks but it is much stronger and lasts a long time and makes me sleepy. Tranxene worked fine for me and I am not anti-med but the fewer the better and I like as needed. Trying behavior changes, breathing exercises etc.... So your doses and strengths are much higher so any equivalency would be skewed higher. As always ymmv and keep working with doc to get meds and anxiety matched up. Good luck!
  4. Well you have a similar diagnosis history to me except the bp2 and I added unipolar depression, and I struggle with the same feelings and thoughts....I have also been in recovery from alcoholism for a very long time...21 years...although it is always 1 day at a time.....5 months is not that long... I tried adderall and it had too any ups and downs. Currently on strattera for about 4 months but not sure it's working. Long story short, I do have one recommendation....less about add and more about general awareness and awakened. I have been on Nuvigil for 3 years or so and it counteracts the sleepiness of the low dose benzo I do take for anxiety. Won't help with concentration per se but can't have attention if you are sleepy / out of it. Second suggestion is get another psych doc to try stims, be accountable (ie honest) about it with someone in your aa fellowship, and see if that helps. I know lots of people are cross addicted but I have never had a recreational drug issue. But I always will have the mind of an addict so I have to check my thinking with someone...... Good luck...
  5. Great topic.... You just choose not to focus on anything you don't like. If you cared like I do about "insert topic here" you would work harder on it. Also, you just use that as an excuse. Just because you have ADD I shouldn't have to do anything different. You are not working very hard on being normal. If you tried harder, you could overcome it. .....a little codependent sounding but I hear this all the time.....
  6. I am on strattera for add and it sort of works for awhile. Takes awhile to work. No experience on abilify ...scared to take it...on clorazepate for anxiety ambien for sleep...
  7. Yes if adderall helps long term that might be it . But IMO very strong drug. I am on strattera -more expensive less effective easier side effects.... Good luck
  8. It's only a friend and I never judge ( or sometimes even understand) his three things but the act of texting them to him makes me accountable to me, not him. Also gives us something to talk about without having to give a lot of background.
  9. Mcjimjam nailed this ve though I know this is an old post. I hate to amp up - nuvigil or adderall - because it doesn't make me productive on the right things anyway and there are huge negative crashes. So what if I read the paper perfectly and absorb everything? I still will get fired for not doing my work or care for my kids etc. I don't have an answer but glad I am in good company. I'm starting to look behaviorally but I love routine and flexibility and M so distractible. I guess another thing I keep coming to is being on with my best that day even if it is nothing that day. One other positive that works when I remember it is to start the day with three tasks. If I get them done...great if not I do tomorrow. I also have an accountability partner for this. Whn I remember. And blocking out all the other stuff until I can handle it.
  10. Great experiences and thoughts shared here. Most of us want to be fixed by Thursday too! But it does take time for meds to start working. I'm on the 6th day of new med - Strattera for me - and I hate waiting to see if it will work. But one other thought....didn't your old med cocktail land you in ip? Might be worth trying something new. But it does take real courage to ask for help. Good luck.
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