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  1. I do, I can say that it is luck I can walk but, I hear ppl with it in their 40s cant walk well.
  2. I really don't know what just happened, but we just out brexited the UK!
  3. Unfortunately politics can lead to bitter fights that leave them vindictive.
  4. Facebook has taught me that I am a lonely anti-bigot and it is a lonely place. . . . I still keep them as friends as it reminds me everyday how far this nation needs to come.
  5. Who can read this Not I says the creepy voice inside his head.Is there anyone out thereYes I am says the voice in his headtsk tsk tsk stop doing thatOKAY
  6. I think to myself that I am typing this comment on Crazyboards. As I start typing the words just flow as I try to make sense of the last two comments on the post. I get thought naration, but it is wierd because there is not many people with thought narration. I must be weird or maybe I am just crazy . I think it does have its benefits if you see past the negative thoughts, sometimes the thoughts can be pretty humorous. -D
  7. Who will win in the battle of the titans?

    Schizophrenia or OCD? 

    I hope I win…. because I have both. . . 


  8. Yea if you research which puppy you want, maybe you will get lucky and find one in the parking lot of wal-mart being given away for free.
  9. Yea cheesecake I get the exact thing... Someone is pissing me off, and it tells me/thinks for me/tries to convince me to harm it, and I battle with it inside. .. . . then finally I usually win and life is good… But, I guess others wouldn’t understand the struggle lol.
  10. One good thing though is my bad thought narrator is usually correct about shady people, and people who want to take advantage of me. I wish there was a way I could get into my head and make peace with it. I will keep you guys updated on it. I have been having dreams about the stuff it says to me, and I wake up thinking, “Gee this is rediculous”. I know in some therapys if you put a name to your voices/thoughts/narratives they can sometimes be tamed. One example of the dream is a classic this person doesn’t want to play with you because you suck, and when you confront them it is of course not their fault because you did something lol. . . ugh . . . at least I got to hang out in an abandoned warehouse type building.
  11. I can’t really hear my thoughts, it is all internal. Maybe you guys have a better skill than I at listening to them? Mine are distinct I can tell whether or not I am thinking or when the other person is thinking.
  12. I don’t really have a voice narator, as much as a thought narrator Like I will be talking to my friends, and I will have an uncontrollable thought that they hate me, that I am not cool, and that I am unworthy of their friendship. The same thing happens on the chat/forums here, I try to go in but, I automatically have uncontrollable thoughts that tell a narative without a voice, it is like I have two thought processes that are running my one body right now. My regular thoughts like what I am typing right now and my other though. I have tried to make a friendship with my other thought, but he/it/she is not looking out for the best in me. This may be OCD, Schizophrenia or NOS. I have been diagnosed with all 3. I don’t believe it is the end of the world though, cause I know if I ignore this thought process that is not my own I can really do anything I want to do. It is like having a bad parent tell you that you can’t do this or that or that you are a failure in life, kind of like my parents did. It also doesn’t help that I am semi-smart, and that I am semi-genious, and that I am totally on planet x right now when it comes to things, so I might sound crazy but, gee maybe it is a good gift to have a second opinion on life.
  13. Yea and it only comes about if I am doing something with that particular group of people like for example. -If I see that a mass shooting has happened my brain automatically tries to get me to think about all the details, including some stuff that should never be posted online. -If a cute adult woman( and male sometimes) I have the r word thoughts pop up. -If I see a knife, I wonder how it would feel to stab myself, cut myself or stab others. I never actually follow through because I know it is silly. As I said I was diagnosed in Texas with OCD, but they were more concerned about anti-social behavior when I moved back home. So they basically ignored the OCD because I think they know it is a harmless OCD, and the anti-social behavior. I have went a complete 2 months without a serious attack, which leaves me paranoid or even worse suicidal. I have thought about writing a book in the 3rd person explaining what goes on inside of my head during this winter break from school, kind of like a novel of some sort.
  14. I have noticed this pattern in life, online and in groups. . . . They*** talk about politics, religion and sex all the time.... cool When*** I talk about politics, religion and sex or try to jump in I get shunned. Maybe I am not being clear enough, but if you do not like what I have to say about a controversial topic, then why the fuck do you bring it up? Oh, because I am not worthy enough to join in on the reindeer games, is that it? High school never ended I guess, I am relegated to the weird person table, even on a fucking mental health website.
  15. Well, my issue with the meds was they were making me non-functionable in life, and I really need my brain to be functioning to be able to do some of the stuff I do.
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