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  1. that's cool. more people that are all into that psychology stuff would be GREAT SO AWESOME if they came here. think of what it would do and could do to the people and help them also (the people get more info and
  2. Dear Sir, No I do not. I was only trying to make people happy and give suggestions thank you.
  3. bad bad bad. That was Timothy Leary you are thinking of. I just noticed that you are 16 years old. Your brain is still growing and is VERY sensitive to whatever you are putting in your body. Please don't try MDMA or LSD. I know someone who did so much LSD so young he fucked his brain up forever. timmy is awesome man
  4. Hello, Please note I had to say this pleas for the love of the members of this forum, this is the last suggestion thank you so much . CrazyBoards :: -> Night Nurse Our chivalry men, and our women of princesses, if they wish to become a Night Nurse on crazyboards. - Medals (medals given out when they save people) - Group System - etc .... Lets say someone starts posting they are deeply depressed, really in a bad situation, then our night nurses will move in and post to make them feel happy. the main objective is to INCREASE THE HAPPYINESS BY 100% !!!! ******** Example of a post: (people should also post nice images to them via pm/gallery and mainly in the post. such as loco roco, butterfly's, beautiful happy painting , etc. **** **** I THINK WE may only understand all of it, if we listen to the music posted below
  5. So folks would post stuff such as ; http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/276530.php http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/277224.php and other news stuff in that forum section
  6. Hello, What do you think about a new forum section for crazyboards?... Please see the image below, thank you Example: SOme folks here would go to www.medicalnewstoday.com, see if there's any new news relating certain topics,etc or anything big happening/discovered/etc regarding depression or something for example, then they post it on that thread section.. <--- Click the image ***
  7. WTF??? Are you out of your mind already. :-} LSD is extremely dangerous drug. That IS one drug I have done. Also mushrooms. There is NO WAY ON EARTH any sane person would suggest LSD as a med for a crazy person. Way way too out there. I am beginning to think you are a troll. Hello, No no no, of course LSD is dangerous. But BACK IN THE 60's, PSYCHIATRISTS were testing them on people with Depression, And people with depression,PTSD,etc,etc were pretty much "cured", as in it gave them a whole new way to look at the world. So what if the psychiatrist had a session with a person with depression, gave them LSD, for the one session, put the music on for them, and did their psychology on the person, then the person will be changed for life (in a good way). and then, even as a plus the person could take antidepressants also. people always say that they feel amazing after taking lsd. so what would be the effects of taking lsd with a shrink, and then going on antidepressants?
  8. Dear Sir, Thank you very much, I apologize sir, I posted the post but the forum did not refresh ( I did not see your post until my post was posted). thank you.
  9. OK, well said. Maybe indeed, and it is MDMA is not so good. There's much safer out there, and more to come. What about LSD???
  10. Example, people could upload pdfs,etc of how to plant and grow St.John's Wort. People could upload medical journels etc etc ETC the list goes on!!!
  11. Hello, Suggestion: Having the Downloads addon for crazyboards. WHY?: - People could upload MANY MANY THINGS, even books,pdfs,articles,etc.. PLEASE THIS WOULD BE AWESOME !! http://www.invisionpower.com/apps/downloads/
  12. Links: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4526-enhanced-gallery-images-in-board-index/ http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6512-gallery-images-in-sidebar/
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