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  1. Thank you everyone for the responses. I can't afford to go back to the treatment center I was at; so, my doctor is researching a closer place to me. I should have some names and numbers today/tomorrow.
  2. I had to abruptly end Intensive Outpatient (previously in partial hospitalization) 3 months ago. I was doing alright (never underweight, but lost very fast which put strain on my heart), but now ANA is back. I had an incident this weekend that I purged out of nowhere. Dr. wanted me to contact him if my weight fell to a certain point, it went under and after the incident I called yesterday. He called me back and told me I need to seek treatment right away and I could die. I am not underweight, but I am restricting. Right now I know this is a problem, but I don't see that it is that serious. I have no intention of losing more, but I can't get myself to eat more/exercise less. Many say that I am in denial. I don't see how I could die if I'm not underweight.
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