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  1. How I experienced the onset is that I first started seeing things. Then when I was 19 I had my first psychotic break.
  2. A others have said, I would first go back to when you first started having symptoms util your first psychotic break. Just my opinion,
  3. Same thing with me, I have GED testing coming up and it is stressing me out a little. But I will make it through.
  4. I had my first psychotic episode last year (I was 18 at the time). It for sure effects my everyday life. I rely on my parents to take care of me financially. You are not alone
  5. I hear voices inside and outside of my head. But they are not the same as thoughts. It is just were I pick them off as where I 'hear'the voice(s).
  6. My brothers gf might come over tomorrow. I spent a few hours cleaning. I hope I did not waste my time.
  7. That sounds rough, sorry about that. But welcome to crazyboards anyway.
  8. Maybe you could work at a local water park or theme park? You could always volunteer if you wanted to at a shelter or something.
  9. That is strange but I get it too. People everywhere look familiar. Like they are all linked to one person. But I don't know anymore. I just let it happen.
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