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  1. So who's borderline? I am. Confirmed by another pdoc. Proposed therapy. Me freaking out and almost crying like, "no... but..." Told I'm comfortable with my misery and does not look like I want to change.

  2. I also have anhedonia and it's clearly one of the worst symptoms I experienced because it also makes me suicidal. Lamictal helps, but wellbutrin and abilify don't seem like they do anything. I'll be trying zoloft soon, but from what you say I'm not sure about it. I also wonder if I'll have to feel like this forever.
  3. I wanted to say that I read you and that your experience makes me think about something that happened to me with my SO. Basically, I wanted her to help me SI, and she agreed. Among other events like this one, it lead to our breakup. I still feel so much guilt because I ruined our relationship. Take care of yourself Kona.
  4. Being in a mush-pit is pretty awesome. There's usually only me and maybe 1-2 other girls. I'm glad guys where I go don't care.
  5. I'm not adding much but I want to say I'm honest. They're supposed to help.
  6. Zoloft (sertraline) for BPD symptoms of anxiety. Yes/No? Anyone tried this med?
  7. I keep it for really close friends and even then I don't name bipolar specifically. They might know I'm not well at the moment, though. Family knows to some extent like sister and mother mostly because they're also dealing with MI.
  8. I do lip pick with my teeth continuously. My lips are awful because of that.
  9. I am scared to go out of my apartment. I fear that people will mock me. Nothing ever happens, but it's a constant feeling of "it might happen NOW or... NOW." When I'm somewhere with too much noise and people I dissociate. I get confused. I don't know what I'm doing and can't perform simple tasks without struggling a little. Anyway, it feels like I'm running and that I'm on my nerves all the time with no purpose.
  10. You're both right Wooster and crtclms. I will prepare notes of what does not work now and what has to be addressed. I don't want to go there and end up unable to speak or just crying.
  11. I just got my appointment and she already has my diagnostic. When I'll meet her she'll have with her a student in psychiatry. This kinda stresses me out a little. Also, thanks for the tips. I'll keep all of them in mind and try to write something brief as you did. It sounds like a good idea. It will allow me to keep on topic and not go talking about something not meaningful like I do when I'm nervous.
  12. Where to start and what to omit. With 45 minutes, you got to be brief. I just wonder if anyone have any advice in general. This appointment is for a second opinion.
  13. I'm on 5mg and I'm not sure it does anything to my anxiety. No restlessness. I might have some shorter nights, but I don't believe it's attributed to Abilify.
  14. Which is why I don't even bother going into details of my life with my gp or pdoc. Sorry for not being of any help.
  15. Thanks everyone. I don't have news yet. They're keeping her this time. I feel disconnected, but it should be fine. I might get a call from the hospital soon.
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