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    Writing, reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, playing tabletop games, making incense, talking with friends, spending time in coffee shops that are not Starbucks, and researching my illnesses.

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  1. On hiatus until further notice.

  2. I get agitated/stressed/whatever because of my bipolar, and I get an upset stomach as a result. I suppose I've always looked at it as two separate things, just caused by one another. I understand more clearly now, I suppose. I apologize if I'm snappy or confrontational; I'm not doing well tonight.
  3. I tried, but I couldn't find anything (which surprised me). I figured this question must have been asked before, or something very similar.
  4. Do you think it's a good idea to date someone who also has a mental illness? Is that something you would prefer, or something you would avoid? Why?
  5. I bought a "party-sized" bag of M&Ms, an 8-pack of Frost-flavored Gatorade, a 2-liter of Mountain Dew, a package of Chunky Chips Ahoy cookies, a key lime pie, a bag of barbecue-flavored potato chips, a loaf of wheat bread, a half-gallon of ice cream, and some cream cheese. There goes my food stamps for the month.
  6. Welcome. "Depressed" and "angry" are two flavors many of us are familiar with, so I hope you can find some relief and help here. This has been a safe haven for me, and I hope you find it is for you as well. I'd say as long as you keep to the rules and ask questions when you need help, you'll be fine. Crodentia
  7. "The most dangerous people are those who endure without cause. They cannot be suppressed, warned off, or beaten. They are not keen on compromise nor negotiation, and are not accustomed to losing, though they be familiar with loss." -- Anonymous

  8. I didn't realize that (at least some doctors) make a distinction between "rapid cycling" and cycling through moods many times a day. Interesting. I looked it up; it's apparently called "ultradian rhythm." I experience that, sometimes, but I generally return to my original mood. If I start the day out depressed, that's what I end up at. I would argue (not with you, crtclms) I experience ultradian rhythm and rapid cycling, because I definitely experience significant mood periods that last in roughly two-week increments.
  9. I have had people tell me all kinds of things about "eat this" or "don't eat that." The only things I've cut back in my diet are sugar and caffeine. I've added more water and electrolytes. I had a girlfriend who tried to convince me to be gluten-free, in order to "cure" my bipolar (like it supposedly did for her). Yeah, no. With what the gluten-free diet did to my stomach, I think I'd have felt better if I had just caught dysentery. Or the plague. Still, I have people approach me every now and again with a veritable "cure" for bipolar.
  10. I use the term "mental" to differentiate it from "physical," and I use the term "illness" because my bipolar disorder and PTSD are detrimental to my health, just like a cold or spina bifida or cancer.
  11. And here we go on a depression cycle. That's annoying.

  12. I wouldn't pick up on subtle if it hit me in the face with a building, unfortunately. I'm not good at reading body language or facial expressions. I know sadness, anger, fear, and happiness, but beyond that, someone has to tell me what they're feeling or going through in order for me to get it.
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