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  1. Outside it is overcast and windy but there is weird sunlight in my backyard.It just feels like something is weird about nature. It feels like the eclipse. I also started hearing voices again
  2. it just keeps getting worse, the energy especially in my third chakra makes me feel horrible in a way I cant explain, but has very little to actually do with quitting smoking. I know this is a spiritual struggle. I really dont know how to cope.
  3. I am almost to five days of my most recent quit attempt. I am having a lot fo trouble functioning. My time sense is way off. Today is pretty bad, I ve slept half the day, sleeping one hour, wake an hour, back and forth like that. I'm not really tired, it s just when I'm sleeping I dont feel quite as horrible. I can't read , concentrate, focus. I am barely manageing to take care of the basic household tasks. Does tis get better?Anyone successfully quit smoking,and gone back to feeling some semblance of "normal"?
  4. Lately I've had a bit of insomnia, where I wake up after about an hour or so, and it takes me fifteen minutes to a half an hour to really wake up. It feels like I am still dreaming, yet I am also awake. I don't really like this half-awake state. I am unsure if it is due to meds, schizoaffective disorder or some kind of spiritual effect. Also it could be menopause kicking in,as I sometimes also have hot flashes when this is happening. I've addressed this to my pdoc and gp,and neither are sure what is going on with me.
  5. My sleep is crap and I'm sure I'm a little manic, but emotionally I've been feeling pretty good for a couple of months. I had a really bad winter with depression and paranoia and anxiety, but now I'm feeling much better. Recently I've been exercising and dieting, trying to lose the forty pounds I've gained over the last couple of years. Ten pounds just over this last winter. I think it is due to the fact my doctor raised my Abilify to 30 mg. And not wanting to leave the house or do anything at all. But my bf got me a treadmill, wich I've been using lately. I feel pretty good for several hours after getting some exercise. Now my goal is to walk to the beach once a week, with my bf. It is a mile round trip. But my doctor really wants me OUT of the house. I am also thinking of taking a taekwondo class once I'm in better shape.
  6. I want off meds But I can't take care of my family and function without them I have to be responsible
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