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  1. I believe my prognosis is poor. Because of my personality disorder which makes it very difficult for me to realize how other people see things and makes it difficult for me to change or even want to change. This makes things more difficult.
  2. Welcome to CrazyBoards! I hope that it will benefit you as much as it has benefited me.
  3. tahwa313


  4. Welcome! I hope that you can find some support here.
  5. I'm sorry that it's rough right now. I understand SHing to feel something. It helps at first and then stops helping. How to get out of it.....I'm still working on that myself. Just know that you are worth the struggle it brings.
  6. I have told my therapist on a couple of occasions that I have entertained suicidal thoughts. Granted I always emphasize the fact that I'm not allowed to because of promises I have made, but I don't think that they can hospitalize you without really fearing for your life. Like "I have a plan for it...I'm going to do this that and the other thing at this time".
  7. Within the last 8-9 months I have been diagnosed with conversion disorder, severe depression, stuttering, and cutting. Currently, my therapist would like for me to take medicine, but I am reluctant to do so. Currently I am not seeing my therapist (though I probably should schedule an appointment), and I was searching the internet for reasons not to cut/people like me. So here I am!
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