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  1. Yeah. I feel like I've told a lot of people (though it's really just 6-7) but they are really close friends that now me very well, that I was reaching out to for support. It felt like a good reason to tell my boss to repair some of the damage, but I'm not so sure it would. It could probably would just make it worse.
  2. Thanks, that's helpful. I had thought about whether or not I would need any accommodations, and I'm not entirely sure... in the past I've missed work when I wasn't feeling great until I ran out of PTO then just tried to work from home every so often (which is already an accommodation they're willing to make to anyone on a regular basis). Just from past experience, our HR dept. is pretty flexible for sick days, etc. so I'm not even sure I would need to say anything beyond "not feeling well". I was worried about being seen as using the illness as an excuse—because my main reason for bringin
  3. So a couple of weeks ago when I was waiting for my pdoc appointment (where they diagnosed BP II), I talked to my family a little about what I was going through and why I had made that appointment. I'm sort of kicking myself now because at the time I was just sort of figuring out what this all could mean and probably didn't explain it well at all. But I had sort of wanted to compare notes with them, and was just really needing some validation that I was making the right choice. Well, long story short: they thought I was just being too hard on myself, that I'm really just brilliant and drive
  4. Last fall before I was diagnosed with BP, I had what I now understand was a hypomanic episode. One of the symptoms was being really wound up at work and wanting to change everything. I thought our business sucked and I thought I had all the answers + being super irritable + no patience, etc. I know my hyperspeed talking, irritability, unwillingness to just drop it already, and inflated ego really caused some problems with my work relationships, most notably my boss who had to sit and listen to/try to talk some sense in to me. They were visibly frustrated with me on more than a few occasio
  5. Hi there, I'm new to this site (a little over a week) and was just diagnosed bipolar type ii (this week actually, after a rough two weeks suspecting that might be up and just waiting for the pdoc appointment). I just started Lamotrigine and I'm hopeful about that. I have always been up and down with moods, more on the euphoric/hypomanic end as a kid/teenager as far as I can remember, with depression getting more disruptive into college and young adulthood (I'm 25 now). I'd sought treatment (CBT and medication) before for depression. So this time when the depression got bad, I sought out me
  6. Actually, I think yeah. I moved out of my parents' house and to another state with my now-husband a few years ago, and since being closer to him and then living with him, I feel I had stabilized for the most part. He is very even keel and always just really normal compared to my family (I think maybe some of them suffer from BP also? not diagnosed.) and so I just feel better with him. However, there's also this intense pressure to keep up "normal" with him, and that has been getting to me the past year or so pretty badly. And he travels a lot for work, so when he's gone and I'm left alone
  7. That's super helpful too—actually I'd been feeling SO bad right up to my pdoc appointment, crying at the drop of a hat, feeling unmotivated and apathetic, and generally awful. But right after my appointment, I felt better because I was so relieved and validated, and felt there was a good path forward. I started to worry that maybe it wasn't BP and I could actually control it—I had to remind myself of all the times it has been/felt so out of my control, and be OK with feeling "up" because of that appointment being over and getting validating news. And I had to remind myself that the pdoc had sa
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I was feeling pretty anxious and worried about not being able to tell how I'm doing. Nice to know someone gets it. I just checked out MoodTracker--it IS awesome! Actually a lot simpler and easier to use than InFlow. InFlow can feel like it's muddling everything more rather than providing clarity. Thanks for the suggestion! Anyone else take Lamotrigine? I have only been taking it for a couple of days and I'm not sure what I should be expecting. The doc said I'd feel drowsy when I take it (but I haven't yet) and less irritable (can't tell) and less depressed in
  9. I hope this isn't a dumb question... I just started a medication for bipolar ii (lamotrigine), and I want to be able to go into my next pdoc appointment prepared to say how I've been doing on it. I've been practicing tracking my mood for the past couple of weeks with the InFlow app, but in general I feel like I have a difficult time knowing for sure how I'm feeling. I've struggled with this in the past, working with my other doctor on managing hypothyroidism—she'll change my dosage based on my levels, and then ask me how I'm feeling, and I feel like I don't have a good answer. I'm thinkin
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