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  1. Starting the "Psychological Disorders" in my Psych course in college. Guess who's gonna ace all their assignments and quizzes? (...based on life experiences...)

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Heh. I felt the same way when I took a psych class,as part of my generals.

  2. failed my first college class... I wish I could stop beating myself up for it...

    1. writehellarandomshiny


      it sucks, chicken. sometimes we just have to forgive ourselves. hope the rest of the semester goes better.

    2. cosima


      you are not your grades or your academic record. you are more than that and this is a temporary disappointment. school is fucking hard sometimes for people with MI - i'm struggling right now too. sending strength.

    3. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      What cosima said. Don't beat yourself up.

  3. So it's "ok" for someone with a physical illness to commit suicide if they don't want to go on anymore, but if someone with a mental illness feels the same way, they should just "chin up"? It boggles my mind why the news would applaud this sort of stuff.

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    2. yarnandcats


      heavy topic

      that needs

      thinking, logic and rumination

      undergirded with passion

      unfortunately not many folks' strong point

    3. dragonfly23


      Agree with Stickler, and can appreciate the release from pain, but I still had hope for him/them, they just had none left. As far as a term illness, I still thinks it's different, my Mom is dying now, it's inevitable, I and she wants no pain. Ahhhhhhhhh complicated topic

    4. crtclms


      Mental illness can be agonizing psychically, but the pain from cancer beats it. This woman is going to die soon. She can go through pain and misery, and die 6 months from now. Or she can spend her last few days with her family and friends to say goodbye, and then skip that pain and misery. Either way, 6 months from now, she's dead.

  4. We really are a bunch of crazies here.... aren't we? At least we can be crazy together.

    1. Wooster


      Hell yeah! *raises a glass*

  5. that moment that you forgot you were going "easy" on someone with a mental handicap while playing a game... and end up beating them by 200 points. Oops...

  6. If this is what it means to be "living the dream"... when can I wake up??

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