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  1. Its been a few years since i have last posted on this wall :) , Its been along few years trying to work out whats wrong with me but i have finally found justice in my confusions , After speaking to 6 phycs , one who is a specialist in schezophrenia and one who delt with bi polar alot . Basically due to my grand father and father dying , i went threw a few years of ruminating thoughts and alot of self doubt , I am not bipolar and i am not crazy , From what they tell me i just have a very odd way of looking at things and dealing with the issues that surround me , I am still on 50 mgs of serouequl XR as a sleeping aid because mainly because i go days without seeping , Its been along road from where i was to were i am now i can confidently walk down the street again and smile, im working 34 hours a week again and life is dam good :) ill pop back here every now and then so i can remind myself how far ive come , t

  2. maybe if i could rapid rid my brain of all this crsp

  3. maybe if i could rapid rid my brain of all this crsp

  4. Just another empty soul bound to drag on

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