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  1. hey, just wanted to say that I'm so happy for you! there is nothing in the world like the love of a good dog. m
  2. that sounds so frustating. I know where you're coming from to a degree between my sleep issues and depression but I won't claim to know how you feel. I'm really glad that you have a good pdoc on your side and hope s/he knows how much of an issue this is in your life so you can get the help you deserve. I mostly wanted to second the idea of therapy if you don't already have someone you're seeing. they might be able to help you work out some tools or a plan for some of these situations. goodluck, hang in there, m
  3. argh! just wrote a long post and it got deleted by my freaking phone. this is why I never post from my phone, but have no internet currently. gah. so frustrating! let's try this again: changed my username once a few weeks into joining after I realized how much I liked it here-- I hadn't payed much attention to choosing a name that fit me well when I was signing up and it was something really non-descript and long that I didn't like at all. switched to meg because it's much more 'me' and easier to remember and associate with a person than my original choice. in hindsight, I should have chosen something that nobody in 'real life' could match up with me but (knockonwood) I haven't had trouble so far and doubt I will. it helps that it's a really common name/nickname/username. interesting topic, thanks for bringing this up. crossing my fingers that this actually gets posted this time...
  4. Hey- computer issues so will be short but wanted to chime in on the congrats, it sounds like you're making some real progress and I think it's important that you're pausing to recognize and appreciate that. Keep up the good work, I know it can be really tough sometimes but keep in mind how far you've come. m
  5. Hey miss Daisy, I've missed you, I haven't been on CB in forever and am sorry that things have gotten so bad for you lately. I'm very glad that you can have your mom around for the time being (wanting mom is NOT silly. it's the most natural thing ever.) and really hope you find the help that you need. At this point, you might just have to stop thinking so darn hard about everything and just put your care in someone else's hands for a while-- I know I can think things over so much and for so long that nothing makes sense anymore and I start doubting things that would be obvious to anyone else...do you know what I mean? You're a very introspective, self-aware person and while this serves you well for the most part I'm sure, it might be time to let help in-- you don't have to figure this out all on your own or have all the answers, or know the 'right' thing to do. Try to remember that this low is temporary, you won't feel like this forever. Check in if you get a chance, we're thinking of you. meg Ps- Please hand over your meds to your mom for the time being if you haven't already (the whole stash--not just some of it.)- you did a really smart brave thing by calling for help last time you were tempted, but don't give yourself the means to have to repeat that situation, you've got enough on your plate. Hang in there.
  6. I've had the gamut as far as pharmacists go for sure-- I'm not in a ranting mood (and have to go fill my scripts at a new pharmacy later so don't want to tempt fate, lol) so I'll just cover the ends of the spectrum: WORST: (the in-a-nutshell so I don't get POed all over again) Rite Aid pharmacist after denying my insurance (she misspelled my name even though she had the insurance card right there) makes me come back the next day, where she says it still doesn't work (she had misspelled my name a *different* way this time), finally gets it right and then realizes it's not even in stock and has to order it for me. I get my script 6 days late causing me to miss a few days of wellbutrin (which my body does.not.like. to miss)-- so I transfer to a different Rite Aid so I don't have to deal with that pharmacist again. I thought that would be the end of my issues with her. WRONG. I go to pick up my scripts from the pharmacy that I asked to transfer to and they tell me that when they called my old pharmacy (with the pharmacistfromhelllady, furthermore to be known as PFHL) that they had absolutely NO RECORD of my prescriptions. This was the day before Christmas and the old pharmacy had closed already, so I went back two days later and they verified that yep, my old pharmacy had no prescriptions on file for me (I had 2 refills each left on 4 prescriptions!) -- somehow PFHL had managed to delete all of my information. They weren't even under either of the two misspellings of my name. WTF. I am out of ALL of my prescriptions at this point and my Pdoc who is out of state anyway is on vacation until after New Years. WTFWTF. I end up having a complete meltdown in Rite Aid on New Years Eve day because we still haven't been able to reach my Pdoc and I am emotionally haywire from missing all of my meds and the poor sweet pharmacist there had to deal with me bawling my eyes out (example of good person, don't know how he was as a pharmacist because I had NO RXes to fill, bah!) -- Took more than a few awful days off meds (lucky no seizure since I'm taking a ton of wellbutrin xl and then lamictal at the same time, cold turkey = bad) to get my GP to write a temporary Rx until my Pdoc was back from his freaking 3 week long cruise. Annnyway, when I'm calling the old Rite Aid for the umpteenth time, they have me describe the PFHL and tell me that she had been fired so they have no idea what happened (ie: it's not their fault or worry to figure it out for me) but two weeks later I was there to get a few non-Rx things and she was STILL THERE. BAH. Worst pharmacist I've ever encountered, Rite Aid hasn't been good luck for me. BEST: My neighbor is my pharmacist when I'm home in VT and not here in GA. By 'neighbor' I mean he owns the land on the other end of our 7 acres, lol, so we're 'neighbors' by Vermont standards and he's really smart, nice, knows my family and me really well. He knows my Rxes so well by now that even though some of them have to be ordered he does it automatically and makes sure they're always in stock for me. One of the only times I had to wait for something to come in, he gave me all that he had in stock and then told me he'd call when the rest came in and apologized even though it was out of his control and not his fault (weird generic wellbutrin mix-up, F Teva.)-- when I didn't pick up the other half of my Rx after it came in, he 1) noticed! and 2) was worried that I had run out and wasn't going to be able to pick them up. He OFFERED TO DROP THEM BY MY HOUSE for me on his way home (!!!) so I wouldn't have to go without (I didn't let him because I was able to come by and my house is actually out of his way) but the fact that he offered was just amazing to me. When I'm out of state, he has no problem getting calls from my Pdoc and putting Rxes on hold even though he knows he's going to get a call from a pharmacy in Georgia to transfer them and his own pharmacy won't see a profit. On top of everything customer-service wise he's really a really smart, well qualified pharmacist overall and answers questions, makes sure I know beforehand if a generic is changing or something and has warned me about interactions (even minor ones) without fail. Paul ROCKS. Oh, also, I'm one of those coupon-geeks that switches pharmacies all the time when I'm here in GA to get those transfer-incentives like gift-cards to Kmart and CVS (don't worry, I transfer them all at the same time so the pharm can see all the meds and check interactions) but even though I can turn a nice (legit, legal, I promise) profit from this, I would *never think* of doing that back in VT because I love that pharmacy so much. Whew! Sorry that was sooooooo long. I guess I haven't posted in a while and I'm overcompensating or something m
  7. okay-- the facts: - I do not frequent strip clubs - I do not frequently drink (maybe once every other month) - I never get picked up by guys final fact- wednesday night threw all of those facts out the window: - I was at a strip club with friends to visit a friend of theirs who bartends there - it was St.Pat's and I graduated from college a week ago, therefore was up for drinking to put it mildly, lol - met and gave my number to a guy so...feel free to bash me over the head if need be, but would giving this guy a chance (ie: going on a date with him, public place and all that safety stuff) be a really stupid idea? he was nice, we talked for a good two hours or so (yes in a club, but not a loud one), he's my age, was super respectful (I swear my eyes were more roving than his-- hot girls walkin' around and he didn't break focus from our conversation once to ogle), seemed genuinely interested, met my friends that I was with, called me late that night and left a message supposedly checking that me and the girls got home safe and then later the next afternoon to ask me out (I know this from voicemail, was too chicken to pick up the phone, haha)...found him on facebook and he and his friends seemed nice from their posts on his wall (the boy can *spell* and this is a major plus for me, dear lord I'm a dork.) I mean, if I met him anywhere else I'd give him a shot even though I haven't dated at all in a long time...but I met him at a strip joint. I did ask him if he went there often and he said it was his first time, but what else would he have said, ya know? 23 year old guy there alone? oy. am confused and worried about my lack of dating knowledge here. will defer to the wiser cbers, m
  8. pps- I think it's important they also let you track your weight...am still looking around, only been on it for 10min or so...I've only scratched the surface. y'all should check this out.
  9. WHOA! This place is *exhaustive* -- I LOVE IT. moodtracker only does so much, this keeps track of everything (will take a while to get started, but worth it)- I mean ev.er.y.thing. down to minute side effects and dosage routines. even has a place to remark on your adherence to med plans. ohoh, and I really like the 'instant mood' feature-- it's not like you're only allowed to have 1 or 2 moods per day like with some other trackers. AND you have the option of seeing/learning from/interacting with other people with similar issues/meds/whatever. where was this before I was stable? haha. but even 'stable' I think this could be super useful. thanks so much for sharing this! m ps- geez, I am so totally dorking-out right now with my new toy
  10. hi elizabeth, I'm sorry that you're having such a rough time of it! please talk to your pdoc ASAP-- I can't stress that enough. I mostly just want to suggest that you start your own new thread/topic if you want people to see your question, this thread is from 2005 and on a different topic really, so you'll get a lot more responses if you start a new thread in the anti-depressants board. hth and hope you feel better soon, m
  11. Wishing you the best-- I hope things go the way you'd like them to, that sounds like some pretty rough stuff to deal with and I think you're facing it really bravely, fwiw. Thinking of you! m
  12. welcome to cb-- I'm glad that you found us hope to see your around the boards, m
  13. sweet! I'm so happy that things are looking up for you-- good luck with your appt tomorrow! m
  14. hope you have some luck with the calls-- don't get discouraged if you don't find one right away, and get on waiting lists if possible. just wanted to welcome you to CB and to encourage you to be good to yourself and get help, trying different meds sucks, but when you find a good combo it is SOsoso worth all of the effort, really and truly. keep in mind that feeling this low is temporary, you won't feel this way forever. hang in there, it sounds like you have some supportive friends (?) med-wise so that's good and please post as often as you like. glad you're here, meg
  15. sounds like a good plan to be very direct and assertive with him-- get straight to the point and don't let him wave you off on a sidenote-- how long have you been on lamictal? sometimes it takes a while to get working, just thought I'd bring that up.
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