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  1. Thanks! The first article describes a lot of what's going on. I guess that it makes sense that so many neurological and neuromuscular withdrawal symptoms can happen and with such a range since Wellbutrin is serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. And it's frustrating to hear that it can take a while, but I guess reassuring that it's not just me. I have discussed it with my doctor, but we decided to hold off on restarting anything else for now and it seems that other than over the counter migraine and body ache meds, there's not much else to do. The nausea is getting to me though, and while the OTC stuff does fairly okay for the other symptoms, some anti nausea meds would be welcome. Even though I know that people who ask for zofran aren't "drug seeking," I'm a nurse and always feel like I'm going to be labeled as such or as a hypochondriac if I ask or call in. Other than lexapro, which seemed to lose effectiveness or just settle back in to neutral territory, my body hasn't meshed well with other SSRIs or SNRIs. The Wellbutrin by itself makes me too anxious. So, for now, I'm trailing being off altogether which is scary because I have only had a few short periods of not being on meds in the last 15 years or so, but after so many bad experiences it's also scary to think of trying something else.
  2. I also didn't take Wellbutrin for OCD. Was on SSRIs mainly for depression and anxiety, but had had more severe OCD in the past (like 10 years ago but much better after some really great therapy at that time) so when it was time to try another SSRI Luvox seems as good a choice as any of the others I guess. Anyway, the Wellbutrin got added back when I was on Lexapro the first time to combat some of the negative side effects. Agree with CrazyRedhead, sort of neutral in that regard but helped with depression while other things were aiming to help with anxiety. Anyway, Wellbutrin on it's on after the Luvox was off seemed to be hurting more than helping (anxiety), so now I'm weaning off that too. It's just frustrating since I feel like Lexapro was just okay, not great, but every other SSRI has made me feel worse (both in recent trials as well as trying different ones over the past 10+ years) and SNRIs make my anxiety go through the roof (and Pristiq made me plain out of my mind). My doctor and I actually decided to try going off meds altogether since I just wasn't thrilled about trialing another SSRI and it wasn't clear if the Lexapro was helping or if the Lexapro/Wellbutrin combo just canceled each other out enough to come back to neutral over time. I certainly don't feel great now, but am still dealing with so many physical symptoms coming off the longterm Wellbutrin (I started another thread on this this) that I don't know if I don't want to do anytime and am completely exhausted because I physically or mentally feel like crap, hard to tease apart. I feel like this is still better than sitting in a darkroom thinking about suicide, so I'm too afraid to try anything else and will just power through for now. That just really scared me. I have a 4 year old son I love like crazy, and I just really want to be here for him, both in the real sense of "I don't want to risk feeling suicidal again" as well as wanting to be able to get out of bed and off the couch and be a good, fun mom. I found a counselor with evening hours so I can go right after work and not worry about child care and travel time (I live ~45 minutes away from the main city where I work and where most providers are), so I'm hoping to find success with that. I also want to try yoga, but I've been feeling so crappy that I haven't made it to join yet. I guess I'll just wait it out and see.
  3. Nothing to add as far as seizures as I have no seizure history and had no issues after Viibryd, but just thought I would chime in that coming off Viibryd was fine for me. I've had some serious issues tapering off other antidepressants, but when Viibryd didn't work out for me I switched back to what I had previously been on (Lexapro) with no memorable issues. Good luck and best wishes!!!
  4. Was on the forum to post some follow-up concerns about withdrawal symptoms but thought I would post a follow-up on this post as well. CrazyRedhead, I didn't get a chance to say thank you for your response! I was able to get in to my family doctor who took a lot of time to talk with me, gave me a plan to safely start tapering until I could see my psychiatrist, and am doing better. Was able to successfully come off (although dealing with some physical symptoms now, but will take those over how I was feeling when I posted this!) and find a counselor with evenings hours. Thanks again for replying - it makes a difference just to know someone is listening at a time like that!
  5. Hello, After some really unsettling stuff and suicidal ideation, I came off of Luvox and Wellbutrin XL under care of my psychiatrist. I hadn’t been on the Luvox very long and my last dose was Jan 3rd. I had been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg for 4+ years and tapered off with my last dose on Jan 12th. Again, I am under a doctor’s care and have regular appointments to check-in, but she wasn’t able to give much information about some weird possible side effects or any time time other than “it should hopefully get better soon.” After the luvox, I had nausea and other intense GI symptoms, but they kind of reared their ugly head and then faded. Possibly because I was on it for so long, but I’m really struggling coming off the Wellbutrin which I though was supposed to have less withdrawal. Last week at the peak of feeling bad, I couldn’t even go into work. I had intense migraines, vertigo, and nausea, spent two days pretty much in bed just trying not to move with a sleep mask on. I also had acute joint pain, not 100% sure that it was caused by discontinuing the meds but the timeline fits, felt like I had aged 20 years overnight with pain in my hands (couldn’t open jars), feet, and knees. Now I’m more than a week out and still with near continuous nausea and dizziness, headaches better than the raging migraines but still there on and off. I also feel like I am just uncomfortable all the time, just feel disconnected like my body is in the way of itself if that makes sense, trouble falling asleep no matter how tired I am because nothing is comfortable. I also felt really weak over the weekend, just couldn’t do normal activities like I had no strength and then was fatigued. My doctor said that since some antidepressants are used to treat fibromyalgia (something I’ve never had before), people can get rebound fibromyalgia symptoms when they discontinue them? Please share your experiences. How long will this last? I feel better mentally, no more intrusive thoughts and so much less foggy, but feel too crappy physically to do much - so frustrating! The headaches, nausea, and dizziness I’m not too surprised about, just really hoping they go away. The weakness and ashiness and just constant discomfort, that was not expected. I keep thinking it’s not the meds, but not sure what else could have changed to bring on such a seemingly drastic change in how I feel physically. What the heck is going on with that? Has anyone else had that happen? When did it finally go away and was there anything you found that helped in the meantime? Again, I am seeing my psychiatrist but I'm concerned about all this because I'm struggling with these symptoms at work (missed days and trouble getting through long shifts) and especially as a mother to a young son. Please help - thanks!!!
  6. I have been on and off the spectrum of SSRIs for the past 20 years for depression, anxiety, OCD, and binge eating disorder. Most recently, I was on Lexapro/Wellbutrin for quite some time, tried Effexor resulting in extreme anxiety and panic and an upswing in trichotillomania that I hadn't experienced in years, re-tried Prozac with one brief episode of deep depression and suicidal ideation while titrating up the dose and then was very tired/sleepy, and then recently started Luvox in mid November and am now at 150mg/day in divided doses. A few weeks ago I just stopped wanting to do everything, everyday things were overwhelming, I left work and came home and crawled into bed. I felt worthless last weekend and dwelled on thoughts of suicide as a kind way to remove myself as a burden to my family. I faked a stomach bug to stay in bed and hide from life, even making myself throw up to make it more convincing. Today, I couldn't get out of bed after feeling just so completely worthless. This is not me! This is just not me! I have struggled with mental illness in the past, but this is just not me. I have a husband (who I don't think is the biggest fan of me lately) and also a young son who I absolutely adore. I'm afraid that if it weren't for my son I would have followed through with the suicidal ideas, and that scares me. Being the week after the holidays, I called my psychiatrist's office and they are closed until Tuesday 1/2. My family doctor was also closed today. I really want to try to go to work tomorrow but just don't know how, but I feel like I need to preserve my life and my job for when I get myself back again. I think this Luvox has me totally messed up, just totally. My husband was going to take me to the ER, he had me call a 24/7 county help line and all the said was to go to the ER. I don't think that will help. If anything, it would leave me more humiliated than I already feel. I am clinging to the idea that this is the medicine and not me. Does anyone have any shared experiences with Luvox? Hope that this will go away once I can safely come off of it? Any advice or heads-up on what to expect coming off it? I haven't been on it long. I decided to cut down to the last dose of 100mg/day in divided doses until I can hopefully see my psychiatrist next week to get more help and guidance. Luvox isn't commonly used, so I don't think my family doctor will have much insight into it or want to add anything else to the mix since she hasn't been involved in my psych meds, so my thought is that there wouldn't be much use in seeing a doctor unfamiliar with what I've tried and such. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hello, I recently switched to Viibryd about 3 weeks ago. I had been on 20mg of lexapro and 300mg of Wellbutrin XL. I’m currently keeping my Wellbutrin the same and tapered up to 40mg of Viibryd using the starter pack while stepping down my Lexapro dose with each Viibryd mg increase. So now I’ve been on 40mg Viibryd for a week and off Lexapro for a week. Historywise, I think I’ve taken just about every SSRI at some point since high school and I’m now 30. I was able to semi-successfully come off all psych meds for a few months before a planned pregnancy (had been on Wellbutrin only just before that time) and then throughout my pregnancy (my son is 3), but then had lots of trouble postpartum and was put on Lexapro at 9 days PP. The Lexapro had been working well until last summer. At that point I tried Pristiq (I was raging angry all the time), Brintellix (very depressed, no effect), then went back to Lexapro, then added Wellbutrin. Throughout all this I gained about 40lbs during pregnancy, lost 20 of it in the few months postpartum, and am now above my full-term pregnancy weight (about 25lbs above a normal BMI). I have had a lot of situation stress & anxiety (high stress job, toddler, we recently moved, etc.) and so we waited to make any med changes, but then when I still wasn’t feeling better at my last appt, my doctor suggested Viibryd. I’d have to say that overall I feel good! Getting more done, still wanting to sleep a lot but better able to function without long naps. I think my mood has improved, but not yet seeing any reduction in appetite or weight loss. Mild GI side effects but tolerable. My biggest side effect is that I feel zoned at times, very dizzy and have to struggle to keep my eyes open. I have a long commute to work and I struggle to stay awake and stay focused (literally eye focused, not just mental clarity). I took a nap the other day when my toddler was napping and the side effects hit, and I felt dizzy even with my eyes closed and felt like I had fallen sharply (this was a few days into the 40mg dose). I’ve been taking it in the evening since my previous routine had been Wellbutrin in the AM and Lexapro in the PM. My psych doc said it likely wouldn’t matter when I took the Viibryd. For those who have been on it longer, have you found AM or PM to make a difference? I sleep like a rock at night but only get 6 sometimes 7 hours of sleep, more of a problem of being a busy working mom and having enough hours in the day than trouble falling/staying asleep. My nighttime sleep amount/pattern hasn’t changed since switching meds and I’m definitely groggy/foggy more, but I can’t tell if the Viibryd makes me sleepy and the effect carries over from my evening dose into the next day, or if it would be stimulating and I just don’t have as much in my system come the next afternoon? Can anyone shed some light on a suggestion of AM vs PM for someone having the dizzy, sleepy, foggy side effects? For those taking this for longer periods, did you experience side effects and then have them taper off after a while of being on the full 40mg dose? I had hoped to see some improvement but it’s now been a full week at 40mg with no change in side effects. Lastly, is anyone else also taking Wellbutrin? Has this been a good combo for you? Did you keep your Wellbutrin dose the same or cut it? I’ve been considering dropping to 150ml since I also have GAD and know that Wellbutrin can worsen that for some, but don’t think I could function without the full 300 since I can’t kick the drowsy side effect. Omg, this is long! Just wanted to get it all out I guess! Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this, and thank you to anyone who has anything to contribute to this thread
  8. Spoke with my psychiatrist, keeping lexapro at 20mg and increasing wellbutrin XL to 300mg. Anyone else on this combo who noticed a difference going up on Wellbutrin? Years ago I was on Wellbutrin alone and the 300 dosage made me all anxious and keyed up. I'm worried about the anxiety side effects of an increased dose but thinking it might be a totally different experience while on the lexapro. Any experiences or insights appreciated
  9. Hello, I've been on lexapro 20mg and Wellbutrin XL 150mg (both generic) for a few months and am feeling awful. I'm self pay at my pDoc (insured, but she doesn't take y particular insurance, been seeing her for a long time and don't want to find another pDoc), so I'm hoping she'll call me today since it's $160 for an appointment. Originally adding the Wellbutrin to the lexapro seemed to help a lot with energy and motivation, but then it stopped working. I'm depressed, want to sleep all day, and am generally anxious and overwhelmed. I feel unable to make positive changes, stopped exercising, overeat and generally eat very very badly, have gained a ton of weight, and have problems with skin picking, extreme nail picking, and eyelash pulling. Don't know if I should try adjusting the doses of either current med or changing or adding something to the mix? I had REALLY bad experiences trying to change meds over the summer. I tried brintellix and pristiq before going back to lexparo and adding wellbutrin. Things came to a head this week when I was on my way to a funeral (I'm a nurse and it was for one of my patients) and got into a car wreck. There were no weather conditions, road hazards, any reason for as bad an accident as it was. I was just feeling unfocused and my car went a few inches off the road, I way overcorrected, and my car rolled and ended up upsidedown in a ditch. Other than a bruise to my knee and possible minor concussion from being thrown around, I somehow ended up uninjured. My car is totaled (waiting for the official word from the insurance) and I will likely be taken off the insurance for my husband's car and truck and our insurance costs are expected to double or even triple since I also had a speeding ticket earlier this month. My husband has pretty much given up on me and said that he doesn't trust me to care for myself anymore (which is pretty accurate) and is worried about me caring for our 2 year old son. I'm a really good mom but he is scared of me driving with our son in the car since there's no good explanation for why I crashed. At times I feel desperate for him to be more supportive but I also see his point and how frustrated he must be. We recently moved farther out to the country and away from friends whose nanny used to watch my son while I saw my psychologist. I haven't seen her for about 2 months but hope to find a way to get to those appointments. My mother is very supportive but lives 2+ hours away and works. She came to help me on Monday after the car accident, but had to go back home and to work. I'm off work until Friday due to the possible concussion and the complex nature of my job. I feel sort of impressed with myself that I've been able to continue to do well at work despite my struggles at home. Any suggestions or personal experience with these meds or adding/adjusting would be much appreciated. I feel a bit desperate here. Thanks.
  10. Do anyone take the lexapro/wellbutrin combo and add in anything for focus, anxiety, energy, etc.? After fish years on Lexapro it just wasn't cutting it for me and my psychiatrist wanted to try some newer meds. I had some horrible experiences on Pristine and Brintellix (and spent hundreds of dollars for the pleasure thanks to incomplete coverage of these by my insurance) before going back to the Lexapro. The magic happened when I added 150ml Wellbutrin XL to my 20mg of Lexapro, seriously a miraculous combo for me! However, I'm still struggling with compulsively overeating, some hair pulling issues, and some problems that are having a strong effect on my life: feeling very unfocused, distractible, tired, and anxious. I work full-time at a fairly stressful job (three 12 hr shifts/week) and am blessed to have my other four days home with my awesome toddler son. It's my home days when I feel it the most. I'm just a tired blob for lots of the day. My mind wanders and I get stuck staring at my phone. After he goes to bad I procrastinate the few things I need to do and waste tons of time so that I end up staying up super late without actually spending my time doing anything enjoyable OR getting anything accomplished. On top of all this we are moving next month - ugh! It's going to be a big house and life upgrade for my family, but the stress of the impending move is leaving me feeling paralyzed. I feel like I sabotage myself. I eat and eat and eat and then, of course, feel horrible physically and mentally. I have a problem with eyelash pulling and intense skin picking, so I just feel like I'm always tearing at myself. Then combined with the procrastination and time wasting, I don't get enough sleep. I feel like I know all the areas where I could make small changes, but I'm just stuck in this bubble of unfocused anxiety and compulsiveness. I see a counselor and she is very helpful, but am still feeling stuck.
  11. Currently on 20mg lexapro at night and 150mg wellbutrin XL in the morning and it's finally WORKING! Hallelujah! I'm on a long weekend getaway with my hubby, toddler is at home with my mother in law, and adult drinks are flowing? I'm worried though. Drinking in fair moderation, nothing crazy. We're visiting some of my favorite wineries too. What should I expect? Should I be worried? Anyone experiences (hopefully good or neutral!) to share?
  12. Made the call and picked up the rx for Wellbutrin XL 150mg. I'm planning to continue the Lexapro 20mg at night and try the Wellbutrin in the morning. I also had my first appt with a new psychologist this morning that went really well, so I'm crossing my fingers that I can get moving in the right direction!
  13. Sounds liked it's really been hit and miss, some people are doing great on this and not a great fit for others. After 6 weeks on it, I decided to stop. My pdoc is on maternity leave, so I'm back on my previous lexapro dose and also going to start seeing a psychologist who specializes in anxiety and CBT. I'm still feeling hopeful that I'll find something that works. Good luck to everyone on here and thanks to everyone who supported me with my previous posts!
  14. I've been dealing with depression, anxiety, and OCD for what seems like my whole life. I've been on and off meds: Effexor (I think?) in middle school, Paxil and Zoloft in high school and college, wellbutrin after college, off for a while altogether, then lexapro 2 years ago shortly after my son was born. Recently I've been feeling worse and worse and felt that the 20mg of lexapro was just pooping out. Generally, I feel tired, unmotivated, like a huge failure, gross since I've also put on weight through these ups and downs, and extraordinarily overwhelmed all the time. I get overwhelmed and just want to sleep/hide, but of course that's not really an option when I work full time (I'm an RN and work three 12hr shifts/week on a very acute floor), have my son to raise, and am also trying to be a good housewife. I have a lot of stressor in my life so it's hard to tell what's situational/normal stress, what's from being tired, what's depression/anxiety, and what's everything mixed in together! My previous pdoc moved practices and no longer took my insurance, but I shelled out the $$$ out of pocket because I value her opinion. She was, however, just about to go on maternity leave, and that's how I got stuck where I am at the moment. We decided to try Pristiq, but I felt terrible. Just angry, dizzy, nauseous, and it was hard to get through the day, so I switched after about 3 weeks. Next try: Brintellix. I had such hopes for that one and the nausea was doable. My doc prescribed 10mg tabs and said to advance to 20mg when I felt ready. At this point she peaced out on maternity leave and I was on my own. At 20mg, I had daily panic attacks, worse than I'd ever experienced. They lasted hours and my PRN ativan didn't touch them. Thank God for helpful coworkers, because I was a mess! Went back down to 15mg and the panic attacks stopped, but I felt my overall anxiety was always high on the Brintellix. No relief. Plus, the depression wasn't helped much either. I stuck to it for about 6 weeks. The jerk covering for my pdoc was helpful and seemed annoyed when I called, even though my pdoc encouraged me to call and talk to one of the other doctors in the practice if I had trouble with my new meds during her leave. He said he couldn't make any changes except to go back to one I had already been prescribed, so he has me back on 20mg of Lexapro. It's been about a week and a half and in some ways I feel more like myself, not irritable or panicky. I still feel so crushingly overwhelmed and exhausted. I feel like a crappy mom and not very fun, my husband has pretty much avoided me since he says I've been a different person every week for the last few months, and I am still having trouble even looking in the mirror with the weight game (about 40lbs including baby weight, baby weight loss, than gaining it back plus some in the last year). I also have a desperate feeling all the time. Like I just HAVE to eat everything, do something, etc. Wow, this got long! I had been seeing a counselor, but we had just generally been talking/venting, nothing structured. I am going back to the center where I previously got help to all but completely overcome my OCD years ago with CBT, and I'm very lucky that the main doc there is taking new patients and my friend's nanny is open to watching my son so I can make the appointments regularly. My women's health NP mentioned someone in a similar situation did great when the added a tiny dose of Wellbutrin to their SSRI. My pdoc had mentioned this as well but was somewhat hesitant since I had some increased anxiety on the full dose before (although it had worked wonderfully for my depression in the past). I could probably call her office and she would call it in until my pdoc comes back from leave. Anyone do this combo? Another combo? See what happens with the CBT and wait it out? I just feel lost without a pdoc to bounce ideas off of and make them happen and I value the opinion of others who are dealing with this. Thank you!
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