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    I have a sense of humor and love to find like minded others to share it with ;-). I've always had a fascination with shrinking (hence my profile name). I'm on here to just chat & escape the day-to-day. Hope to meet you & share a smile chuckle or 2!

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  1. Cool Hat! I want one! ;-)
  2. It's Impossible not to be in a good mood with a facial expression like that! :-) Thanks for sharing it!
  3. She's got Betty Davis Eyes...comes to mind when I see this lovely photo! ;-) Thanks for sharing it!
  4. Haha! Wow! I Love the Tatoo! And it's it the height level I can read it without needing a ladder!
  5. Love this pic! Judging from your Eyes, which are in sharp contrast to Dat Creepy Bear, it seems like the camera surprised you! :-)
  6. I heard this quote and found it intriguing...so passing it along... "Life is like a gym membership with a really complicated cancellation policy."
  7. There’s a perfect exchange in the movie "City Slickers". This scene on the "Topic of Love", takes place between Mitch the neurotic City Slicker and Curly the grizzly old cowboy with a broad smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye: Mitch: You ever been in love? Curly: Once. I was driving a herd across the panhandle. Texas. Passed near this little dirt farm right about sundown. Out in the field was this young woman, working down in the dirt. Just about then she stood up to stretch her back. She was wearing a little cotton dress, and the settin’ sun was right behind her, showing the shape that God had give her. Mitch: What happened? Curly: I just turned around and rode away. Mitch: Why? Curly: I figured it wasn’t gonna get any better than that. Mitch: But you could have been, you know…with her. Curly: Been with lots of women. Mitch: Yeah, but you know, she could have been the love of your life. Curly: She is.
  8. A "Cigarette Flavored Jelly Bean!" Hmm...we could be on to something! Just sayin! :-) Nice Pic!!
  9. Lol...I had not idea that this was the kind of "dream" that women have for most men? :-) Sorry...I couldn't get the pic to post :-/
  10. This is a perfect example, that is "some cases", it's good to take people "quite literal!" :-) One wouldn't think a member of law enforcement would have to park there to keep others from not venturing down this road to Water Street....But then again, on every bottle of Shampoo, one can find the instructions that say "Please Do Not Drink this product!" Arrgghh!! lol!
  11. Ahoy UP there & Welcome! Thanks for allowing a little glimpse into your world...I hope you continue to never let go....
  12. Ahoy UP there & Welcome! :-) I do hope you'll post some of your "Poetry" on here as well...Inquiring minds and all :-)
  13. Ahoy UP there! & Welcome! I can relate to the "online outlet" as well...hope to see ya around! :-)
  14. Ahoy UP there! ;-) While I'm not normally a Cat person *smiles*, I think I'm OK w/ this Kat :-) Welcome!
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