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  1. countdown to the end of the day begins...

  2. I'd like to file a complaint on self-hardening food. You know the kind, that if left (inevitably by children daily) hardens to the point where you need to use some serious scraping tool to get it off prior to putting in the diswasher to actually "clean" the dishes >.<
  3. From a significant other (many times): "Did you forget to take your meds?" >.<
  4. Can't one opt out of even putting their fb information on this site? I cant' recall every attaching my fb to this site so afaik, people cant' find me unless I tell them about it. I mean if You want to remain private, maybe even using sharing or anything is something you want to avoid?
  5. Young people typically have always been on the edge of "acceptable" with regards to apparel. It's part of the rebellious nature of late teens to young 20s in the general population of every generation. At the same time there is always the part of society that is completely appalled with their behavior. It never changes, and it probably never will. Only the styles themselves will. I'm not sure why it bothers anyone so much. Is it lewd? Sure. But does it affect me really? no.. Live and let live I say. As often as you step out your door into the world and dea with society there are gonna be things that bug you, that you dissapprove of and some thing that really make you go WTF?! only as you look past these things and see other people just like you that have good, bad and sometimes ugly things about us, will you become more tolerant of others. What comes to mind for me here is in a mental illness related site, where I know there are so many of us that have dealt wtih intolerance, criticism and just plain abuse, I am shocked to see the level of criticism of people that none of us know. Something we fight against everyday in society, that is, to have our place, our voice and be accepted as equals. the un hygienic statement actually gave me a chuckle becuase I'm wondering, really. How is showing too much butt cheek un-hygienic? Are all the people on beaches wearing skimpy bikinis un-hygienic too? Come on, that's just going too far. You'll probably never see the person again most times, who cares if they want to look silly and overly slutty? if it's my daughter, or son, that.. I have a say in but anyone else, I let it be on someone else's shoulders. /end rant
  6. Without Artists our world would be bland. Why then, is it that Artists are so devalued in our society? (financial-wise)

  7. Malwarebytes doesn't remove rootkits afaik, hence the need for rkill. Many tech support sites recommend running it and then malwarebytes. At least in the past. apparently as of now there is a new malwarebytes anti-rootkit beta though.
  8. To further explain about individual tracking because I know I was brief in my explanation (and because of Luna's pointing this out to me xD)... I thought I'd post more. While I am saying that this is done, most of the information that is mined via websites is used for advertising and being able to have "focused" ads on pages that one visits. I am not entirely familiar with the technology, only know of it on the surface and of some of the extensions you cna install to protect against it. I'm a person that values the privacy of the individual. There is functionality that is embedded into sites that will mine your information, clicks, interests and such. Things like Google Analytics, Facebook Beacon, Facebook connect.... If at any point you allow a site (assuming they ask) to use such things, your information can be mined. But take heart that there are ways of protecting against this. First and foremost I would recommend putting Ghostery on your Chrome, IE or Firefox. It will pick up any datamining features on a site and allow you to either block all of it, or parts individually. I especially turn off google analytics and fb beacon but many sites I just block everything. Know that if you do this, some sites that need your information for you to interact with them will have features disabled because they rely on such things. You can turn the filtering off temporarily at that point. In summary, there is tracking and datamining going on every day but there are ways to protect yourself from this stuff, if you're one that finds it important to keep your stuff private. Also here is some individual software/plugins I use: Adblock and Adblock plus (will block nearly all ads and ad popups) - not a privacy thing Ghostery - blocks trackers (works very well) Also for further privacy apps for computer and or phone, there is a site to check out: http://www.Silentcirlcle.com This is a site devoted to privacy apps and are also the maker of a new phone called simply "The black phone" which is a phone that is completely private from tracking. Although the phone is the ultimate in privacy protection, it's very expensive and you have to buy it outright. That's where the site comes in which has iphone and android apps that do a lot of the work for your currently owned phone and even pc. I suggest you take a look at that also. Hope this helps.
  9. ^ This and also any site you can find on google is somehow indexed there but the thing is the difference being that if a site is indexed it does not mean individual tracking. Individual tracking is done via your client and although many sites can and do use this, it's entirely separate.
  10. some malware that do what you're talking about are rootkits and have ways of preventing virus removal tools from stopping, quarantining and/or removing them. malwarebytes is a good malware tool but beyond that, if there is a rootkit involved you might want to download rkill also. it has the capability of stopping rootkits from running. How it could help is that once you stop the rootkit you should be able to use the virus removal tool to get rid of it, such as malwarebytes.
  11. wow. That's pretty dangerous behavior for the health of your computer. That it takes effort to resist clicking is, I mean. I can't count how many emails i get daily that are full of links and probably most are harmless but if it's not an expected email, or from a very well known sender, I don't click on squat. 90% or more of the links are in spam or phishing emails.
  12. Got my Note II. Absolutely love it. Amazing phone
  13. It's hard to say really how exactly they got THIS particular information but just keep in mind how much FB is connected to on the internet. Not only that the amount of information many people post without thinking aobut the implications of what FB analysis can draw from what you've posted. Say you leave out that you live in ____ city and try to remain private in that manner but at the same time inadvertently begin posting photos of where you've been commenting on where you were at the time. All this information is drawn from. Everything you post, anything you've tied FB too will be a pool of information for FB to draw from. There are many things you can do to at least limit the amount of information it gets. One way that FB can gain information from you is via your surfing habits on pages on the web that many have implemented FB Beacon and FBConnect and such things. If you do not want FB getting information from such things you can do things like install applications in your browser like Ghostery. It will find and allow you to turn off any kind of reporting from your surfing such as Google Analytics, FBConnect or Beacon. I use this along with a lot of ad blocking and it doesn't completely eliminate the problem but it does limit it somewhat Hope this helps.
  14. you need an email account to be able to make a facebook account. but they are not nessisairly linked. i think if you use the same password for both they might check your email In no way does FB log into your account directly. That's not to say that FB doesn't do a lot of datamining to gain information, but no, not directly logging into an email account.
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