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  1. Hi there, I no longer use Crazyboards and do not wish for my account to exist.  Would you please delete my account and associated posts and images.  Thank you!

    1. Velvet Elvis

      Velvet Elvis

      We generally don't delete accounts and content unless it's a doxxxing type situation.  We prefer content to remain visible so that others can benefit in the future just as you benefited from the posts made by those who were here before you.   

    2. nonuser


      OK, is it possible to change my username then to "nonuser" so that it can't be searched under my previous name?

    3. Velvet Elvis

      Velvet Elvis


      It might take a few hours for it to change on all your old posts and comments.  

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  3. Oh god, I have been having weird dreams. I am always myself, but a lot of times my husband is there too, and 50% of the time he is some horrible personality that is NOTHING like him in real life. Let me tell you, these dreams seem so real I feel that we are in a different dimension. But I've concluded that even if that is the case, my husband is a different guy in those dimensions, but in THIS reality, he is nice and I can trust him. I've also had out of body experiences and other strange dreams in which I am myself, but a real passive, watered-down version of myself. I hate those.
  4. I have a question about this topic. I have "heard" my husband's thoughts out loud. I feel that I am psychic and I can sense people's thoughts and emotions. But only twice I heard it out loud. I feel my husband is hiding something from me (infidelity type thoughts) but he says it's not true. He really goes to great lengths to convince me otherwise but I don't believe him. Is this a normal thing or is it a symptom? BTW the thoughts I heard were just something mundane, not anything bad. The infidelity is just a feeling I get.
  5. Can't sleep, still up worried. My symptoms are worse at night. Paranoia and seeing "ghosts" in the room. I am completely convinced my husband has had it with me and is plotting to leave me when the time is right. Still, he says stuff like he will never leave, he is very serious about our marriage and he loves me. He even tells me he prefers me a little crazy because at least I'm not boring. He told me the other day that we are soul mates and eternal companions. I don't know why I can't believe it in my heart, the things he says. Two years ago I was a mess and he stuck with me through i
  6. Sorry I couldn't read the whole thing, but I skimmed it and the first thing I would say is to ditch your Mom. Sorry but she is probably the cause of your psychic ailment to begin with. She sounds like a toxic person to you. I know this is easier said than done and I understand because I have a similar love-hate relationship with mine, but mine is a little more supportive (marginally). Other than that, the previous posters covered it. Maybe just cut back on the stressful situations. Good luck.
  7. I don't have SAD but I do find that laying in the sun helps me a LOT. I used to avoid the sun like the plague but I find I do need it to feel good.
  8. I take 5000 mg supplemement and maybe it helps, not sure. What I do find helps, is laying in the sun which is another way to get Vit. D.
  9. I am currently having an episode of something, not sure what, but I am without a pdoc and the next one won't see me for another 2 months. Unmedicated. Which is dumb, I know. I think I am coming off normal to people, but inside I am extremely anxious and paranoid. I am convinced my husband is DONE with me although he tries to convince me otherwise. I have enough sanity left to realize that nothing has changed in our relationship. It's just my feeling. I've been hearing people "say" things about me, malicious things, but I can't tell you what they said. You know that horrible anxious
  10. I was symptom-free and without meds for almost a year. Then last month I had a stress trigger and I went into an episode.
  11. Hello, I used to be a regular here for a while. I have a little problem that I am not sure what to do about and I remembered this board so I came to ask. Backstory: Diagnosed bipolar type 2 and have been off meds for a year, doing OK. I have been in a bit of denial about having a mental illness. Even so, I went through training to become a NAMI group facilitator and that just started this month. We've had two meetings. Herein lies the problem, and it is IRONIC. The NAMI group is stressing me out and has apparently triggered a psychotic episode. For the last few weeks I've been
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