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  1. I am going to have to read up about Propranolol. I haven't yet. Yesterday I only took 20 mgs of Latuda and at bedtime I took Benedryl and Buspar and fell asleep pretty well. I also take Latuda early in the day. Did good last night, fingers crossed I do good again tonight. Geesh @ these meds! I like it too because my mood is good, and I am losing weight. So I want to stay on it. So far I have lost around 16 pounds! Can't say that with Seroquel, Saphris, Zyprexa, ect.
  2. I started Latuda a couple months ago and also started an exercise regimen with it. So far I have lost 16 pounds. Since being diagnosed in 2005 I have done nothing but gain, so this is a great change. Eating healthier and exercising when I can has helped so much. My only issue is the akathisia, which is like Restless Leg Syndrome in your whole body. I am on meds to help get rid of that because losing weight is my #1 goal. I might also go back on Topamax for a bit, it never caused me trouble except for tingly legs, but it does help with suppressing appetite and I need that assistance sometimes. Good luck. DX - Bipolar, anxiety, PTSD RX - Latuda 40 mgs, Paxil 10 mgs, Buspar 5 mgs, Propranolol 20 mgs
  3. I was fine on 20 mgs, bumped up to 40 by my NP and akathisia started kicking my ass! It makes me feel so awful and I can't stop moving! I was put on Propranolol to help get rid of it and it was just adjusted to a higher dose today. I have lost 16 pounds so far on Latuda, so I am not ready to give it up yet! DX - Bipolar, anxiety, PTSD RX - Latuda 40 mgs, Paxil 10 mgs, Buspar 5 mgs, Propranolol 20 mgs
  4. I take Propranolol 20 mgs, 2x a day. 10 mgs wasn't cutting it, and only worked a week. Akathisia = worst thing ever! Cogentin gave me HORRIBLE dry mouth! DX - Bipolar with psychotic features, anxiety, PTSD RX - Latuda 40 mgs, Paxil 10 mgs, Buspar 5 mgs
  5. Fuck you, BIPOLAR!!!

  6. I was on Latuda 20 mgs for awhile and it seemed to be alright. I was bumped up to 40 mgs to just help with mood and the dreaded akathisia started. I want to die when it really kicks in. My Nurse Practitioner prescribed Propranolol and it worked for a week at 10 mgs twice a day, until last night I kept moving around so much I wanted to bash my head in a wall. I called her today and she upped it to 20 mgs twice a day. I see her Monday, but I am also for the weekend only taking 20 mgs again with the Latuda. Has anyone else had this experience with Latuda, and does it stop? Or am I, yet again, going to have to find another medication to rely on? Currently I am on Latuda 40 mgs, Propranolol 20 mgs, Paxil 10 mgs, Buspar 5 mgs.
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