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  2. just realized i took my nightly trazodone dose instead of my vyvanse this morning accidentally, and i've been wondering why i've been so exhausted today. #thanksadhd

  3. feeling so heartbroken for all the lives lost in the orlando hate crime massacre, for their families, for those who remain in critical condition, and those who will forever be changed by this event. feeling heartbroken for all gay people, and especially gay men, who are forced to live in fear of other people's senseless hatred. certainly makes no sense to me. 

  4. humidity is evil.

    1. jt07


      VERY much agree!

  5. i hate bugs.

  6. are apricots alien apples?

  7. trying to convince myself that it's normal and ok to be sad

  8. i see that there's now an option for "liking" posts on the boards. uh oh. i may or may not be able to control myself with this feature.

  9. feeling very tense tonight.

  10. feeling uncharacteristically emotional and very lonely today.

    1. cosima


      trying to hold it together. 

    2. BlurredBoundaries


      I'm sorry Cosima. I wish I could help.Hope you feel better soon. 

    3. cosima


      thank youblurred. i appreciate it. 

  11. kill all mosquitoes 

  12. getting some intense cleaning done today

    1. cosima


      so very sleepy. damn you, summer humidity

  13. having poorly regulated impulse control is not really fun and i wouldn't recommend it

    1. fantod


      x2. sorry, cosima.

  14. i'm all business today !

  15. why do i have a headache every day? they're not severe but they sure are annoying.

  16. only slept for an hour last night/this morning so i'm on edge today.

  17. i hate it when i lose other people's things. i feel so bad about it.

  18. Major Anxiety reporting to duty

  19. the angriest alpaca

  20. the internet is a dangerous place

  21. everything's all fucked up

  22. have my first appointment with a family doctor tomorrow. so nervous about it.

  23. i spend so much time doing absolutely nothing. its incredible

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