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  1. another sinus infection or a severe rapid-onset head cold. either way, i'm unimpressed.

  3. just realized i took my nightly trazodone dose instead of my vyvanse this morning accidentally, and i've been wondering why i've been so exhausted today. #thanksadhd

  4. if it helps, my tinnitus is not at all debilitating. passingly irritating at best. its never seriously distressing or interfering with my day or wellbeing in any way. and i've been off zoloft before (for a period of years) and during that period i did not experience tinnitus. so it wasn't some sort of permanent damage in my case.
  5. do you mean 4 months worth of a prescription in advance? the prices for drugs are regulated here, so they cost the same at each pharmacy. @jt07 that's one thing that sucks about my pharmacy, the pharmacists and technicians are on rotation, so its not likely that many remember me even though i've been going there at least a couple times a month for years.
  6. again, going to repeat myself and reiterate what jt said. zoloft for me only worked for OCD at the highest dose. i did taper up quickly, i think i started at 75, and a week later was on 100, then a couple weeks later 150, and then after awhile it was adjusted to the max 200mg. overall, the experience took at least a month. unfortunately, none of us can say whether it will work for you at all. you can keep monitoring possible side effects, but i wouldn't put too much stock into them (although i know thats hard with OCD, i know that intimately). i do have tinnitus from zoloft, i'll admit that. it's not severe or anything and it comes and goes with less frequency now that I've been on it so long. i also have had possible sexual dysfunction from zoloft. for me, these two side effects don't outweigh the benefits of living in anxiety hell, but its a very personal decision. i wish you luck, anyhow. OCD can be devastating and the med-go-round is exhausting.
  7. i don't even think we have independent pharmacies where i live, and if so, there's certainly not one anywhere near me. my pharmacy offers a lot of great services, though, and i generally love it (phone notifications, online health record, online and text refills, delivery to my home, reminders about prescriptions, direct line to the pharmacist on call, online and mobile integrated tracking of diabetes, blood pressure, weight, etc.). my family doctor also can view and get updates on all that virtually, as well. they would certainly not front medication, though, in QC pharmacists are allowed to dispense and extend certain medications (typically for minor health issues) without pre-approval from doctors.
  8. i tried to get my birth control prescription a couple days earlier than i usually do (i somehow lost a couple pills, i'm sure i didn't double up because I'm very vigilant about filling my pill box properly), and they refused me, and i thought it was odd. i understand for controlled substances and meds you can easily O.D. on or abuse, but having two or three extra BC pills doesn't seem to be that outrageous. i've read online there's a 2 day early refill policy for controlled substances, which seems fair, though i've never tested that personally. what are your experiences?
  9. it took me quite awhile on a dose of 150-200 for me to feel the effects of zoloft. it helped me OCD tremendously so it was worth it. I'm not sure how long it took, but certainly more than 14 days. everyone's different, though.
  10. feeling so heartbroken for all the lives lost in the orlando hate crime massacre, for their families, for those who remain in critical condition, and those who will forever be changed by this event. feeling heartbroken for all gay people, and especially gay men, who are forced to live in fear of other people's senseless hatred. certainly makes no sense to me. 

  11. i know that nausea is the main side effect. i was curious about other peoples experiences with it on CB. i gather that for some people it is fleeting, and others it never goes away. anyway, i'm on day 2 at 70mgs and the nausea isn't quite as bad as yesterday, so thats promising.
  12. did they only do the TSH? i would definitely go see a specialist if i were you. not because your results are severely abnormal, but it does sound like they're not treating your concerns with the respect that you deserve. a specialist won't rely on the TSH alone, and look at the overall picture. i read an article awhile ago about the debate about narrowing the "optimal/normal range" for TSH readings, and it said that many specialists think its too broad to be definitive. i read it in a magazine so i can't link here. either way, like i said, if you're concerned about a result they definitely have no right to brush you off.
  13. i just took my first dose of 70mgs and i had such bad nausea that i had to take a gravol to get through it. now i feel dopey and slow. i haven't suffered from noticeable nausea so far during dose titration before moving up to 70mgs. this is terrible. if you had nausea on vyvanse, how long did this side effect last for you?
  14. my feet hurt so much and i'm really tired and frustrated right now.
  15. i've seen lots of people complain about mylan. and people seem to consistently like teva and find it comparable. most people prefer the brand name with clonazepam, though. i personally tried a local generic and it was definitely like a sugar pill, and i thought at first i must have an unusually high tolerance for benzos or something, but switching to the brand name had made a difference. it personally wasn't that much more of a copay for me. there might be a patient assistance program if it is that you could look into.
  16. humidity is evil.

    1. jt07


      VERY much agree!

  17. i'm not 100% sure i know what you're asking, but i do think that government grants for the arts and things like that are a good thing. so, yes. i think. are you afraid of contracting viruses that get a lot of publicity like the zika virus?
  18. i love that i'm compassionate and loving.
  19. i love snapchat, too. i don't think there's an age limit for snapchat, but to teens everything their parents do is embarrassing and anything that you might pick up on thats in vogue is "too young" for you. i'm in my early twenties and i follow a variety of people of different ages (20-65).
  20. a family member's leftover french fries (lol, so healthy... but they were there and i was hungry). my mom feeds our two dogs "people food." she prepares batches weekly. one of our dogs was having bad reactions to every brand we found so it was either this or buying the two most expensive available options that were left (and that we really cannot afford). this is actually coming out to being somewhat cheaper than buying prepared kibble-style dog food (especially since so many ones we tried had to be discarded). no more vomiting now for a month out of the older dog since they started this new diet.
  21. okay, just in case anyone's interested, i checked out zenni, eyebuydirect, clearly.ca, ilookglasses, and goggles4u. so, after a bit of researching i eliminated goggles because they've been getting a lot of negative reviews in the past couple years. so i found two equivalent pairs i liked at the four sites and it ended up coming down to zenni and ilookglasses for me (for price and selection - though eyebuy was close to zenni). ilookglasses ended up being slightly cheaper because of the exchange rate (the rate itself and the conversion fee) and their current BOGO sale (otherwise their prices are on par with clearly--amazing in comparison to in-store prices--but not as cheap as the US options that manufacture in china). for the ones i was interested in, zenni's glasses were averaging at about $37 CAD a pair for me. that's great, and cheaper than ilookglasses min. $49.99 a pair, but they were charging me a $9.00 ($11.70 CAD) fee per pair because apparently none of the glasses i was interested in fit my PD? either way, it was very close. a difference of about 10 dollars in ilook's favour. i also chose to go with ilookglasses because they manufacture and ship out of BC and reviews say their shipping is extremely fast and they're good about returns if the need arises. i ended up paying $87 CAD for two pairs of frames with prescription lenses and that includes shipping (and i got anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating on both pairs). at costco, they quoted me $90 for my lenses alone with no coatings or treatments and frames starting at $50 and that's the absolute cheapest i could find offline.
  22. i hate bugs.

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