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  1. Well, I've been on the Emsam patch for about 2 weeks and I am still having trouble!! so tommorow I go up to 9mg patches, while still taking 400mg X 3 of Sam-E, 8 1000mg fishoil cap.s, 50 mg cytomel. Does anyone else out there have good new with the Emsam patch?? I know now I have to watch my diet with the 9mg patch. Anyone got advice on this one???
  2. Ive done ECT and it was not helpful in treating my depression but did make me forget a whole lot of my past!! and they say the memory loss will return but it never did! I was having it 3 times a week, so maybe having it that much creates the worst memory loss...I did get a nice rest though!
  3. yeah, I think it is giving me some axiety..and Im a real hard to treat patient..what exactley is compound cytomel? I have over weight issues, and having a over active thyroid instead of axiety would surely be a blessing.
  4. Yeah, I'm bipolar type 2..and have no real highs, but real lows..are you taking anything else besides the cytomel? Im taking sam-E, and fish oil with the cytomel..I hope I dont have to get back on a anti-depressant cause they make me blow up and do very little to help. Im taking 25 mg of cytomel, what are you on?
  5. Selene, it's not worth it! Call the ER and get yourself some help! I know what your feeling I've tried to off myself many times! but now I'm learning how to deal with life rather than trying to run away from it! Call someone! Life can get better, trust me I know!!
  6. Your not taking enough fish oil! people with depression should try to take up to 9 1,000 mg. pills aday..space them out or you'll get the shits..my doctor has had me on them for several months, and I take at least 6 aday and I usually have nothing good to say about med.s but fish oil does help, also try taking Sam-E 400 mg. 3 times aday..it really does wonders!
  7. I am one of those depression patients who is un-responsive to prescription meds, counseling, and ECT. I am now taking fish oil, Sam-E, and just started Cytomel which is a thyroid medication..has anyone else taken cytomel? what's the side effects? did it cause you to loose weight?
  8. Hey Libby I am a 28 yr. old female who has been through every treatment out there and nothing seems to help! I just wanted to tell you I have had many ECT treatments and they were unsuccessful, I just had really bad memory loss, but it didn't help my depression..I am now waiting on approval fom my insurace which I have been fighting, so I can get the Vagua Nerve stimulator...in the mean time my doctor has me taking Cytomel, fish Oil, Sam-E, COQ10, and B-12..they seem to be doing quite well, versus all the prescriptions that dont help, or only help for a little while and cause major weight gain. I just started the cytomel, even though I dont have a thyroid problem...they are finding that lack of fish oil in your diet is linked to major depression, and some people have got completely off med.s with thyroid thearpy..we shall see! Hang in there! and ECT does work very well for alot of people, but try fish oil take 8-9 pills aday, and Sam-E take 3 times aday first, I have been amazed at what they do!
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