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  1. I think if anything, the dose increase should help rather than hurt. It may even help your mood if you've felt down. ❤️
  2. Was told by new pdoc today 45 minutes after meeting me that I'm "either bipolar with psychotic features or the highest-functioning schizoaffective" she's ever met.

    Uhhhhhhh. Thanks? I think? I guess? What?

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    2. coraline


      I don't know if being called high functioning is all that bad..

      It doesn't necessarily mean your pdoc was discrediting your dx..

      In all honesty I would take it as a compliment..but that's just me..

    3. aura


      I get treated as less-than because of my SZA diagnosis. Tdoc had to have a discussion with resident pdoc to explain that I'm high functioning. But that hasn't held anyone back from giving me that diagnosis. So weird how doctors always want to put in their two cents.

    4. Geek


      Being high-functioning sucks sometimes.

  3. I made my tiny doggo a tiny doggo sweater
  4. Thank you so much! I also appreciate your detailed reply, you're awesome. I'm doing ACT right now actually, so I guess I'm already on the right track! lmao!!! Thanks for the link! And yeah he was using all 7 criteria from the DSM, and I responded yes to all 7.
  5. Right right! Yeah, I guess it would have to be causing problems in my life for it to be a real issue... I'm not sure just yet if it is. I need to think on it, and I am going to talk to my therapist on Thursday. Nope, it was in the DSM-V reference book on the guy's desk. 😕 Hahaha thanks, echo. And right, yeah, it doesn't FEEL like a bad thing, just like hey I'm me. You're right that I see my behavior as normal, at least for me. Definitely not for others though. I'm going to scour Amazon for books on HPD and hope I find something decent. Probably a good idea to ask my therapist about the authors before buying them. Your advice sounds solid, and I really appreciate it!
  6. So I was diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder today during a 3-hour-long MI assessment with a therapist I'd never met and will only see again in 10-12 weeks when my formal diagnoses all come back from being analyzed or whatever the hell this guy is doing. I did some reading, and this is probably going to make me sound even crazier (hah), but I don't know that the symptoms of histrionic personality disorder are necessarily bad, or bad enough to be its own damn disorder? This is totally my opinion on it, of course, but like, it sounds like just about everyone I went to art school with. Does anyone else have this dx? Could anyone recommend some good reading materials? I will see my therapist on Thursday to discuss, but in the meantime I could definitely use some darn support on this. I'm super lost.
  7. (I feel like you’re supposed to ask a question)
  8. Phew! I’m just glad you’re doing better, cheese! No judgment here, I’ve thought my share of loopy things. How soon are you seeing pdoc?
  9. That's interesting. I'm actually in the opposite predicament- I called pdoc this morning and left a message, as I am quite sure I'm actually schizoaffective- bipolar type (2). While labels and diagnoses can hold you back, they can also allow you to get the proper treatment, which I feel like I'm missing. I have a big group of individual diagnoses that read more like a list of symptoms than anything, and the way we've been treating my MI isn't working, IMO because I don't have a solid diagnosis.
  10. Wow, you are one tough mama! I bet it was majorly helpful for your child to talk to someone who actually knew what he or she was going through.
  11. Max, why are you resistant to the idea of therapy for developing stronger communication and social skills? Is there something about it that makes you anxious?
  12. That's also fine and a normal thing friends do for each other. I'm glad you helped her out.
  13. What was she doing while you made coffee? What was she doing while you vacuumed?
  14. Well yes, that does feel violating. I don’t like it either. If someone were to come in my house uninvited I would not be happy. It is your mother, though, so I doubt she has ill will towards you. Also, is it her house or no? How old are you?
  15. Max, people get to choose whether or not to forgive you.
  16. What about a taser? Something non-lethal (not that tasers can't be lethal- they certainly can be if used on someone with heart problems, etc.)? Also, plenty of people carry mace or pepper spray, too, for the reasons you said above- they want to feel safer traveling through the city.
  17. I know what you mean. I've been feeling pretty normal for a few days, too. Just tired, but hey. It makes me feel like I should be able to do anything and everything, but everything still wears me out.
  18. I had such a hard time eating there, I lost 8 lbs. I'm vegetarian and have been since I was in the womb, so I'm really not able to fall back on eating meat. And they put meat on everything. And despite my telling pretty much the whole world I was vegetarian and needed to be put in a note to the kitchen, they never got it straightened out. The eggs were always watery, like they made them in the microwave. They didn't give us toast, just two pieces of bread with butter and jelly. That grossed me out for some reason. But they always had apples and oranges, so I got at least an apple, orange, and some aspect of the meal. I had a lot of cereal and steamed veggies, basically. But I loved getting my (decaf) coffee in the morning- it made me feel more human. But honestly, I think that experience, those people, just the week I was there in June, will always stick in my mind. I practically lived off those lol Haha! Score!
  19. Ugh, I know exactly how this feels. I'm sorry the thoughts won't give you any peace! Do you think your doc will help?
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