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  1. Welcome! I too suffer with severe depression /anxiety...going through a rough spell right now I intend to. Hang around the forum more often.
  2. Trueself, come out laughing, come out shouting, come out, come out where ever you are!

  3. Remember the 4H's Club..HEAD HEART HANDS & HEALTH

    1. Wooster


      *does ALL the motions*

  4. Is there a place where I can hide!!!

  5. I am out of money...dealing with it...

  6. Top of the morning to you BA I hope that very soon you and your friend reconnect. I do believe that a support circle is very important. I've found out that I need at least five in my support circle. There will be times when you can not connect with your first choice...so you go to choice 2 and so on....."Staying connected to be protected"....May I suggest that at this time you think of others you'd like to be in your support circle, reach out to them. Written in black and white it sounds so easy...but "I" realize that it is not an easy task and remember that there is nothing wrong with having more than one in your support circle...Remember.."who am I doing this for? " I am doing this for ME"...."Because, I am worth it! Peace
  7. Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway...Live!!!

    1. malachite


      Thanks, I needed this today!

    2. malachite


      Although, I'm not going skydiving or anything. But, I will get my ass out of the house.

  8. Rainy Days Are Beautiful Too!!!!

  9. I feel myself shutting down, becoming numb, this is not goodt

  10. Hello "just" Welcome to CB. I have not been hanging around here long but I intend to stay
  11. stepped on...still I rise

  12. Hello All... Stumbled upon this site while seeking info on Brintellix. I would like to introduce myself...aka... Stayingabovethewater (SAW). I am 53years old, raised two and the grandmother of twins. I was diagnosed in 1989 with S.U.D. and major depression. I have been clean for 7 years and taking pych meds since the 90's. My recovery program is very important to me, recovery is constant 24/7, 365days a year, up and down while pushing forward. Peace-Stayingabovethewater
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