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  1. I had a blackberry, but then i lost it, i really miss the quarty keyboard. I now have a very cheap pink Alcatel, it texts, it calls, it has a calender and alarm. I don't need an expensive phone and i've never liked going on the internet on a mobile. I also lose and or break phones every year so it makes no sense for me to spend decent money on one. Here is a pic http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-ALCATEL-ONE-TOUCH-VM565-OT-322-PINK-UNLOCKED-MOBILE-PHONE-/281363271082 I paid a £6.99 or $11 for mine, im good at bargain hunting.
  2. I have pcos with cysts on one ovary. This year i have had two periods, one lasting four days and the other just 1 day. I don't miss my periods but it makes my health anxiety worse as i never know if it's a symptom of anything else.
  3. Yes, i just think I'm not the type of person someone wants to be friends with, i can come across quite sour at times, but people who know me well know it's just a defense mechanism thing. You mentioned the military, is there any kind of military wifes group you could join?
  4. cady

    multiple orgasms

    When i orgasm, it has always been like one long one lasting quite a while with spasms of varying intensity, i have no idea if this is a multiple or not, no idea and the internet isn't providing any answers either. But, very few guys have made this happen, and the ones that did paid attention to my clit. Obvs i can get myself there.
  5. Cold, 8 c .Feels colder.
  6. Something really bizarre is happening with my laptop, about five days ago i turned it on and there was like this black splodge mark on the left hand side near the edge. Then a series of white dots developed in a long line across the screen like ................................................................................................................... and now a similar line of black dots is developing. I could really do without the expensive at this time of year of buying a new computer, has anyone else had any experience of this?.
  7. Hi, yes i do understand, and i DID NOT judge the member in anyway whatsoever. Yes I'm fine being responsible for my own triggers IF I KNOW BEFOREHAND WHAT IS GOING TO BE DISCUSSED IN THE POST, and the member's title was 'i feel like a sick freak', so how was i supposed to know the exact subject matter from that?. May i repeat i am certainly not judging the member, it's just not something i wanted to read.
  8. For fucks sake, can someone putsome kind of warning on this?. Just fuck, i did not want to read this,
  9. Could you talk to your mental heath nurse and ask for a switch, i got one this way.
  10. It blows i know, i kind of feel like they only want to deal with the 'risk to the public' portion of mental health patients.
  11. cady


    I hope this is resolved for you soon, defiantly try and get him to pull up the hackers IP address.
  12. There's a very long history here that you probably don't know about, so I stand by my post. I agree with MiaB. Completely. There is a history of happy2beyoung thinking he is being singled out and subject to persecution. No, i don't know the history but how would you feel if you had opened up about something bothering u and then you get shot down?. You can ignore the member.
  13. A very well known pizza chain that starts with a D has pissed me off, tuesday is two pizzas for the price of one, but when my order arrived they sent me one pizza then blame me because i didnt select offers when i ordered, but shouldntitbe automatic when its a feckling tuesday, so i sent it back and called the manager, sorry but im not paying the same money for less, so now waiting for a redelivery, youd think a company like dominos would sort their website out so that it was made CLEAR at the point ordering that you needed to do this. I
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