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  1. Anyone else have problems? I'm four days late and I'm never late, not ever. Started Topamax three weeks ago. And I'm not pregnant, have my tubes tied.
  2. Depakote and Tegretol I had awful experiences with, truly awful. Depakote threw me into a mixed episode and tegretol made me so sick I didn't eat which actually was kind of great considering I have an eating disorder. Lithium has been fantastic for the last few years minus the acne and dandruff. I started on Topamax a few weeks ago and so far it's been really good the only side effect is that it has stopped my zyprexa from sedating me.
  3. I think that if you feel good on what you're taking then that is the main thing. I take a lot of meds too. Two of which are antipsychotics and right now I wouldn't change a thing.
  4. Yeah, I like it much better. DBT was good but I really had to be in the mood to be around people and I often wasn't. Hear, hear.
  5. Guys thank-you all for your responses, really, it made me feel better. I think she's more concerned about my Borderline and needing therapy for that but I just finished a six month DBT course and really didn'tget a lot out of it. Now I'm in one on one therapy. I really like my current meds cocktail, i think that once he's finished titrations my topomax it's all going to be swell. Even with two AAP's I don't feel zombie like at all. Any way, again, thanks for all the responses, i feel a lot less a lone Xxx
  6. I take valium twice a day I also take small doses of Seroquel during the day for any anxiety that my valium couldn't kick. I've also in the past been on a small PRN of Zyprexa during the day from anxiety. They both helped a lot.
  7. I tell anyone and everyone about it. I have a blog, I wrote a book, my family and friends all know. I talk about it a lot on facebook etc. I don't work so there's no issue there. When I did work though I told my closer work colleagues but not everyone.
  8. Meds are in signature. My case worker insists on telling me everytime I see her that she thinks I'm on too many medications and rely on them too much. I disagree and so does my doctor who I see every week. My doctor and I collaborate together on what meds to try etc so it'snot like he's just forcing all these meds on me either. I don't feel like I'm over medicated but my case worker thinks otherwise. My pdoc probably thinks the same as my case worker too, they're all about therapy and less meds. But I am in therapy too, I'm not relying soley on my meds. Ugh, rant over.
  9. She said because I haven't been responding well to medications that maybe I would be better off without them. She's clearly never heard of treatment resistant.
  10. The one I see is governemnt funded. I tried looking for private psychiatrists but there's literally none in my area and I don't drive. Thankfully I'm still able to catch the bus to see my old GP who is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to mental health.like and knows me very well. I see him on the 31 st. I see my fill in GP on the 25th.
  11. Well then we have..... The lovely mood stabiliser Lithium. Anxiety life saver Valium Thyroxine thanks to Lithium Zyprexa and Seroquel to help me sleep and ward off hallucinations and delusions. Ambien also to help with sleep but it really doesn't. And last by not least , my MAOI, Moclobemide.
  12. I just need to vent. I've had a mental illness diagnosis for 12 years now and a bipolar diagnosis for three years. I met my new pdoc the other day and she said that because I'm so med resistant that I might not in fact have Bipolar. This pissed me off because I KNOW that I have Bipolar, it's blatantly obvious. I also have Borderline but she tried to call bullshit on thathe too and called me a narcissist. And then the meds. I wanted to try thorazine. She said that I can providing I drop four of my other meds and said that this will be my last ever med change. Luckily I have a GP that shouldnt be as much of an asshole. Just....ughh.
  13. Filled my huge walk in closet with balloons so that I could turn on music and have dance parties in there. Spent our entire savings on yarn. Dyed my hair three different colors in one night.
  14. Update, new pdoc said I could try Thorazine on the provision that I stop the Zyprexa, Seroquel, Ambien, and Valium. I'm so scared to drop so many meds and don't know what to do, I mean, what if it doesn't work?
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