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  1. Hello. About a year ago I was diagnosed with ADHD, and I've been happily medicated since then. It was a huge help and eye-opener. Recently I've been reading more about it and trying to understand more. The psychiatrist that diagnosed me never specified further than saying I had ADHD, and the diagnosis on the papers that I got also just state "ADHD" and not specifying. It doesn't really matter, since I*m happy on my meds but I've been reading about the different subtypes and it got me thinking. I feel like I definitely fit the inattentive type the best, it sounds just like me. Except for the fact that I'm also very impulsive. To the point where it definitely impacts my life. But I don't have hyperactivtity, and never did even as a small child. I'm impatient and easily angered, yes. But I never felt the need to constantly run around or move my body. I feel like if there was something like an ittentative type with impulsivity that would be 100% me. So I guess I'm wondering if anyone else can relate, and whether that is a thing or not?
  2. @Mogli I have BP 2 (and ptsd). I have tried 3 different antipsychotics and stopped all because i cant take the side effekts either. Never tried abilify, though. Interesting to hear how it goes for you going forward!
  3. Does anyone have any experience transsitioning from antipsychotics to mood stabilizers with bipolar disorder? I always stop antipsychotics because i find the side effects (extreme sedation, weight gain) intolerable. I want to find something i can stand to take and suggest it to my doctor. Would love your experiences on what worked best.
  4. Does anyone who has seasonal issues with depression/mania ever increase your meds preventatively? And has it ever worked for you to avoid it?
  5. Hmm, i see. Checking the comparison charts it seems like the dosages you take is the equalivant of 5 and 10mg of diazapam. Can i ask what you feel when you take them? Do they just dampen the anxiety some, does it make you sleepy etc? Im just trying to figure out what symptoms to look for in the meds to see if they work for me at all.
  6. So whats dosage did you guys have to take to get an effect when first starting benzos? I have 5mg pills, but i feel absolutely nothing when i take them. No effect, what so ever. Took 10mg last night, still nothing. When i read about it says 2mg is common starting dose for anxiety, then going up to 5mg, then possibly going up to 10mg. I feel like something is wrong with me to feel barely anything on 10mg? Or is it actually common to take a lot more? And yes, i know i should ask a doc and i will but its a while to my appointment and im just curious what you guys take. If it matters at all, my dx is ptsd, before it was panic disorder, before that GAD. I've never gotten anxiety specific meds before (only antipsychotics and antidepressants) so im kind of new to it. When i went on my last med (zyprexa) i felt it really strongly even at a small dosage, so i dont think im 'immune' to drugs in general...
  7. I'm a boy... so not a 'she'. And im not refusing meds in general. I'm refusing a very specific medication that i was not allowed an opinion on or given any choice on wether to take or not. Like, i know this forum is really, really pro-meds and treatment, but im allowed to not take a medication if i feel it does more harm than good. Honestly, i wish people here would focus less on always following doctors and psychs orders, because the psychatric system is a system that is neither available nor safe for everyone and we still deserve support and advice. i think im allowed to be both skeptical of it and to want breaks from it when i can. its failed me over and over, im not refusing my meds out of spite, im refusing them because the side effects are worse than the help for me.
  8. According to my psych ive had several psychptic eƄisodes before and no one noticed. Or like i was on disability for mental illness but everyone thought i was just severely anxious/depressed, not psychotic.
  9. I am inbetween psychs so i dont really have anyone to see right except my regular doc due to some really bad treatment by my previous psych. I dont take them because im a recovering anorexic and being forced to gain weight is severely anxiety inducing for me. I was not asked my opinion of the med, i wasnt ecven told that it was an antipsychotic! She just left me a prescription in the reception without saying why she had given them to me, what they were, what the sideeffects were and even how and when tl take them etc. Its ridiculous and unless i beome fullblown psychotic again im not taking them. ( i did try and i didnt feel that much effect anyways?) Im looking for a new psych right now, but im unsure what to do in the mean time. My boyfriends got a bottle of unused valium ( he got them before an operation and never took them ), do you think it would be okay to take them? Like, not having a psych stresses me out but beingn with ny last one was even worse so i dont regret leaving, but my anxiety makes it hard to contact a new one... I guess thats a bjit ironic
  10. The last week my anxiety has been off the charts and its causing me a lot of issues like, i feel like im going nuts. I can feel tiny creatures crawling right underneath my skin, on my second skin i guess. like i have two sets of skin and one is right underneath the other and something is crawling there making me itchy and freaked out. But no matter how much i scratch or touch or shower it doesnt go away because...its under my skin??? I couldnt sleep at all last night because of this feeling. Sometimes it also feels like someone is touching me and tickling me with their fingers on my normal skin. The other thing is, shaky vision. When my anxiety gets bad i cant read. why? Because its like the entire world is shaking, like a constant earthquake and it makes it impossible to focus. Basically im having anxiety from hell and i want to claw off my skin and it feels like my soul is vibrating and trying to tear me apart from the inside and i dont understand this. Is this common with anxiety? How can i make the 'creatures' go away? Or make the sensation dissapear or become less bothersome? Any tips would be helpful, thanks.
  11. My first thought is this: are you on any meds? I had sleep paralysis every single night for over a year as a sideeffect of some anti-depressants i was on. I know it can be a common side effect of a lot of psych meds, so maybe look into that? That having been said, 5 times is not that much at all, i wouldnt worry. And it's not dangerous, its just really really unpleasant. Getting enough sleep and having a normal and consistent sleep cycle can help a lot. A lot of people also find that sleeping on their side helps them (its been proven that the vast majority of sleep paralysis happens when sleeping on your back). For me having an alarm on even on days off is really helpful, and having the alarm be really loud and non-stop so that i get pulled out of the paralysis. I will also say this: after having had it for a couple of months, i got used to it kind of. I could recognize that i was sleep paralysis and not real. Another tips: dont try to move. Moving is what causes the pressure feeling on your chest. The best thing to do, if you have insight, is to just lie completely still and not even try to move. I know that can be hard, but learning to do that helped me so so so much. I mostly had strangulation + out of body experiences, but when i did have full hallucinations it was usually someone who was molesting or raping me. But after a while i could know that even the rapist was fake, i didnt make it less unpleasant but it did help me not have full blown panic attacks every time i woke up.
  12. Soo, i read that it is possible to avoid some of the long term side effects of zyprexa by taking it prn as opposed to every day. i was wondering if anyone has actually tried this and wether it works? im prescribed zyprexa for paranoia, insomnia and anxiety. my question is; does it actually work on paranoia/delusions/hallucinations prn? or does it just knock you out? like i want to know if i could bring it with me and take it at work and such and still be able to function, i guess. if the only thing it does is make me super tired and fall asleep then its no use for me, but if it actually has an anti-psychotic effect prn that would be amazing. any input at all would be great!
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