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  1. You can buy human bone on Ebay.
    This is unexpected, but fascinating to me.

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    2. Gearhead


      @DogMan, peace of mind, baby. Peace of mind.

    3. DogMan


      In thinking about it. I'm guessing that most of the circumstances that would lead to acquiring human bone fragments would, by their very nature, generate at least some paperwork? 


      The lack of serial numbers on human body parts complicates things. But there would, most times be paperwork to say that body parts were indeed removed from the owner and sold to a third party? 

    4. DogMan


      And, are they free range, organic and grass fed? 🤔 

  2. AM Meds - Adderall ER (60mg) Galantamine (8mg) Deplin (15mg) PM Meds - Abilify (10mg) Wellbutrin (300mg) Lamictal (100mg) Someone tell me why the fuck I am so tired all the goddamn time. I could sleep the day away. I have no gumption. I have no verve or willpower. My house is a mess. Please send help.
  3. I thought of you today.
    Still have your number in my phone.
    I miss you.  Very much.

  4. So my husband has significant allergies that cause him to be deeply, horribly nauseated in the mornings until he eats, and sometimes it lasts after eating, and he's asked me to look into possible solutions or suggestions from the folks here. I'm writing this on his behalf, and with his permission. He currently takes Pristiq (150mg), Lisinopril (for BP) , Hydrochlorothiazide (for BP), Deplin (for MTHFR + Depression), Gabapentin (for RLS), Trazodone (for sleep) and then also Zyrtec daily for his allergies but still has severe nausea some days. Can anyone make any recommendations on what h
  5. Ya'll it's so fucking hot here. My portable AC isn't keeping up and it shows. Us big tiddy goth girls are melting in this goddamn heat.
  6. I habitually make iced tea and keep a pitcher of it in the fridge for the thirst after taking my meds. Granted, I know that tea is a diuretic and it will make me piss even more than the meds do, but it beats the hell out of our nasty tapwater. Edit: Also no, you aren't flushing the meds out of your system faster than you otherwise would metabolize them.
  7. I really hope that you get what you need out of this stay bby. Remember to take loose fitting clothes with no strings or zippers, and something to do. Soak up the peace.
  8. Full disclosure, I am not male, but I've known someone who tried to get implants and they did not heal well. I would seriously avoid this if there is literally any other option. He was left with some serious scars and erections for him are now painful and there is no sign of that being treatable for him. My husband had problems with ED on Pristiq but he was given a small dose of Wellbutrin on top of it and it seriously helped him.
  9. I was in the same situation. Was diagnosed as BPII with psychosis and later re-diagnosed as Schizoaffective (Bipolar Type) with paranoia. (My current doctor can't seem to decide if I'm schizoaffective or schizophrenic, but honestly it doesn't seem to matter all that much aside from the billing aspect.) While the medicinal treatment is much the same, it feels good to have my situation actually acknowledged by a professional and treated seriously, even if I think my current psychiatrist is a fucking ass-clown douchenozzle fuckface. My re-diagnosis happened as a result of a near-miss psycho
  10. Today, I am going to take a shower and get a fucking haircut.

    I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna kick the football.

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    2. echolocation


      good luck with the shave! i've made a couple attempts to grow out my undercut but i keep coming back. i love the feeling of a fresh shave.

    3. Bad Haiku

      Bad Haiku

      Same man.  I used to have a mohican but I weigh too much for it to look nice anymore, so I undercut instead.  

    4. Wonderful.Cheese


      Hey that’s a win I say for sure! Well done! Who needs great clips? 

  11. I'm with you bby. I've gained since quarantine started and I was already overweight to begin with. I don't like looking at myself in the mirror, and it's harder to bathe because in order to do so I have to get naked and look at my body and what I'm slowly turning into. In an effort to combat this, I'm trying to do what I can to reduce my portion sizes and not eat as much during the day, but I know that reduction in calories alone won't do the job for me. (I still have PCOS despite having had a hysterectomy, because my busted-ass ovaries are still there and still generating androgens.)
  12. I went through a period where I lost weight despite being on Lamical, Wellbutrin, and Abilify, but it was pretty straightforward. I went to the gym every day, did a combination of cardio and weight training, and I dropped easily about 50 lbs in about six months. Unfortunately I lost the gumption and the drive to continue going at some point and regained it all back and some. I wish I had a better ending for you. At least, this way, I know it's possible and that I'm capable of doing it, even if I can't make myself do it right now. Maybe I'll try again soon.
  13. A hole to make me yours.
    A scar to make you mine.

  14. “Look to the sky, look to yourself and remember:  We are only god’s echos, and god is a narcissist.” — Hanson Edwin Rose
  15. “I have schizophrenia.  I am not schizophrenia.  I am not my mental illness.  My illness is a part of me.”
    — Jonathan Harnish
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