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  1. “Look to the sky, look to yourself and remember:  We are only god’s echos, and god is a narcissist.” — Hanson Edwin Rose
  2. “I have schizophrenia.  I am not schizophrenia.  I am not my mental illness.  My illness is a part of me.”
    — Jonathan Harnish
  3. I'm with you on all counts. My house is a wreck, it's a struggle to even 'see' the clutter let alone deal with it. I don't wash my laundry until I absolutely have to do it, and everything in this house is based on 'does it need to be done today?' rather than having any kind of fucking adult routine or standard. House guests are hell for me.
  4. I've named the mess in my living room 'Harold'. I'm going to murder the fuck out of Harold tomorrow and stuff him in a dumpster.
  5. I've looked at these units for myself but always end up having other things to spend that money on. Although it looks too good to be true, there's been ongoing research on the effects of trans-cranial magnetic stimulation for years that suggests it might help in some cases. Considering that I'm at the end of what I can really try for treatment to help with motivation and focus, I'm sure I'lll be buying one in the next six months or so myself.
  6. She'll call me multiple times a night and say the exact same things without realizing we talked about it less than an hour before. Over and over in an endless loop. I thought she was developing Alzheimer's or dementia or something until I caught her drinking on ativan and realized what she was doing to herself. I brought it up to her and her response was, 'I know I have a problem, and I'll deal with it when I'm ready. Not because you want me to.' Fuck her, and fuck her passive aggressive bullshit.
  7. My mother takes ativan and drinks on top of it, and when she does, I utterly hate her. That is all. I just needed to tell someone.
  8. What a shitty, insensitive thing to say. I'm also sorry that happened.
  9. Most likely the doctor is trying to see how they will tolerate the medication before increasing the dosage.
  10. I started with a smallish dose similar to what you're taking now. It took a few days for my system to really recognize what was happening, so it might be the same for you. Make sure to take it early in the day because if you take it too late you'll be up later or have trouble falling asleep. I found Provigil to be a very gentle, subtle effect at lower dosages.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only person with more than one. Tarantula, Water Moccasin, Monarch. A friend of mine that studies shamanism walked me through the whole 'journey' to find them and those are what appeared, but only Tarantula (Mother Spider) makes herself known often.
  12. A number of recent and early mass shooters were self-identified 'incels' that the movement radicalized. They literally weaponize angry virgins into killers.
  13. Working at a convention this week and overheard two guys referring to women as 'femoids'. It's spreading. Incels are fucking garbage.
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