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  1. im just surprised how you are dealing with the klonopin, especially that much, i can imagine xanax or ativan but klonopin i am not sure about. I have my dad and brother bitching to me about being on 1 mg because of drowsiness and the incident with wreckless driving caught intwined as a tattletailing victim on the road.... but it really does help with sleep. I can get 5 plus more hours each night because of it and im not awake for 7 hours more till 5 in the morning.
  2. I started cutting the klonopin in half but i honestly feel more tired than before because I actually slept well. Some reason I am losing sleep on the klonopin 0.5. I don't know if that is part of withdrawal or not.
  3. that is what i was considering . I have left over alarzapam (xanax) it is more faster acting but I haven't heard yet from the nurse.
  4. anxiety is bad... even from dropping 1 mg to 0 cold turkey and from 1 mg to 0.5 mg. I noticed you are on 3 mg of klonopin.
  5. 1.1 is in my blood stream but she considered it elevated because it use to be at .8 she feels i just need to be more hydrated
  6. Due to the daytime drowsiness, my psychiatrist decided that it is okay if I come off the klonopin. However, I noticed that I am relatively more anxious at night and not sleeping very well. This includes sleeping from 10-12 hrs to only now just 7 hrs. I feel tired but a different kind of tired, none that affects my driving and having the cops pull me over again kind of tired. So we will see how it goes. I feel the dosage helps me through the night but also tires me during the day so because she is resistant to put me on a stimulant due to a stimulant induce psychosis she is refraining from its usage. I am also going to try to take my 600 mg of lithium at night as well roughly around 7:00 PM and my other meds Metoprolol 25 mg and latuda 60 mg and another 600 mg of lithium at 8:30. I am trying to close the gap. Has anyone been able to tolerate taking 1200 mg of lithium all at once? I seemed to have bad experiences so I am first trying to take them an hour and half apart, then an hour apart, then a half hour apart ect... Not sure of time frames but its a consideration...
  7. well im schizophrenic and have bipolar disorder. it supposely suppose to help the bipolar depression, but for now its only helping aid the daytime drowsiness. you take a very little amount of latuda. I take 60 and I use to be on 80 mgs of latuda. I also tried 45 mg but didn't work so well... Since I am on lithium, latuda, and metaprolol its hard to take them all at night I tried that once and things didn't pan out so well... 1200 mgs of lithium is a lot to swollow so I am trying to to take it about a hour and ahalf apart at night. Btw, have you had a stimulant related psychosis before?
  8. so this is what she suggested.... no stimulants for fear it may induce psychosis.. nuvigil was on the list and she suggested that she would not advocate for it. neurotransmitters getting sped up too fast would only induce further confusion / psychosis. so her suggestion was to eliminate the clonazapam and move my lithium morning doseage to the evening around 7 (2 pills), ill take it then take my other dosage at 8:30 PM (latuda, and metaprolol, and 2 more pills of lithium)
  9. This is what I don't get the psychiatrist and my social worker told me specifically that the drowsiness is related to lifestyle changes. So I started to make lifestyle changes and I started to drive to get places. But the daytime drowsiness I still haunting me and they don't get it. They clearly think more about the work I do, and less about the safety and fortitude of my livelyhood. I could kill myself in an accident from shutting my eyes to much but its safety hazard. So what can I clearly do to fix it? I had problems with psychosis I believe so and lead to my poverty of the mind where I started shitting in a kitty litter box and used a funnel pee bucket but that didn't change much till I got help and on the latuda. I see the benefits but the drowsiness is still preventing me from getting to places.
  10. So last friday I got pulled over while at someones house for wreckless driving by 2 sheriffs. I told them my situation that I get drowsy while driving. And the place is an hour drive away. My question has anyone taken a stimulant along with an antipsychotic and mood stabilizer. This includes ridilin used for ADHD. Let me know as soon as possible.
  11. Over $1000 dollar psychiatry bill at Nystrom & Associates finally resolved down to a $7.25 bill. Finally I got this billing straight, or better yet Nystrom & Associates finally got this resolved. I was getting very bitter because of their improper billing but now it is finally resolved, and I can RIP
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