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  1. Tank tops breezy summer days diet Dr Pepper
  2. I guess I feel pretty good. Very hyper, over animated. But I am trying to get some structure back. Sometimes that helps. Eating was not good. Need to work on it. Somehow I forget.
  3. She took her life.  Her pain was that strong.   Wtf   I get it.  But wtf. 

    1. jarn


      You okay?  I'm sorry

    2. dragonfly23


      I don’t know if I am okay.   I don’t know what do.  This keeps happening.  😢

    3. Blahblah


      I'm sorry, I hope you are OK 😢

  4. Manic Thought it was over , apparently not. No rest for the wicked 😜
  5. It’s been a hard day at work, but it’s almost over when I get home I will paint my hard work in the yard paid off. It looks stunning 😀😀😀✋
  6. I feel overwhelmed . Work sucks. People need to leave me alone. How am I suppose to catch up if people keep yapping at me.
  7. Back to work tomorrow.  Omg the lack of structure while manic has been very expensive. 

  8. A cool summer morning A great break from the heat I slept well the feeling of contentment
  9. Excited. Going to the Ren Faire. Gotta get my steam punk stuff out!
  10. Oliver cats sunshine
  11. I think my mania is winding down. The crying has started. Seriously. fuck this. but who knows I could wake with a second wind
  12. Hopelessly sad. I am so tired of the merry go round. So tired of my brain betraying me over and over. I really am such a fool. I don’t get to be happy. Only manic. Manic feels like amazing happy. But it’s not. It’s false. It’s fake. It’s over.
  13. I slept. Finally ................maybe finally this episode is winding down.
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