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  1. I seem to have a pattern going with antidepressants. They either don't work at all, or they work for a little while and then stop. I've been on my current one for about a year now, and it worked the best of all of the ones I'd tried, but now I'm feeling depressed and exhausted again. I've been good about taking it every day at about the same time. I've only missed a couple doses, because of shit like stomach flu. I quit drinking, and I don't use drugs (that aren't prescribed). I exercise every day. I'm doing my best to eat, and to have the healthiest food I can. I take a vitamin. This is usua
  2. I'm in a depression right now, I think. Most days I feel like crap. But it feels different this time. I'm able to get out of bed and do things around the house, even though I have to force myself for every step. Then I have short periods, sometimes a day, sometimes two or three days, where I feel fine. Sometimes I even feel giddy or high. Then I crash again, sometimes hard. I've been suicidal a couple times with this. Usually my depressions are straightforward and more or less solid. Lately, I just start thinking maybe my medications are working and it's getting better, and then I cr
  3. Thanks Mim. I've read one of Scott Cunningham's books on candle magick, I think, but I hadn't heard of Ray Buckland. Crowley is a given. Stickler, thanks for kicking in, mushy brain and all. Meditation is a good idea. It would be a good skill to work on anyway, for general mental health reasons.
  4. Keep in mind that I'm no expert, just a dude who's read a little and experienced more. I'm also depersonalized myself right now, as usual, so I might make errors and I won't swear that this will be that well written. Dissociation is a spectrum. It can mean that a person has a fragmented identity (I think that's one form of DDNOS), or that they have more than one personality (that would be DID, which is on the more severe end of the spectrum). But it can also mean that a person has trouble being "in themselves," mentally/emotionally. That can lead to feeling like you're watching yourself d
  5. Feel good: I have energy, I feel focused, I'm not miserable.
  6. I hope this is okay to ask here. I identify philosophically with Satanism, but I don't typically practice any form of magick, though I acknowledge that it works for others. I guess you could put me in the camp with the LaVeyans; I follow the Satanic Rules of the Earth, and try to live my life by them, though I'm very much solitary in my practice. Recently, though, I was touched by a powerful benevolent spirit of some kind. For the last week, my depression has done a complete flip. I feel energized, focused, with moments of brief euphoria even, with the strong, persistent feeling that
  7. My favorite "for pleasure" app is Google Skymap.
  8. No. I should be going to therapy, but my therapist is gone this week. Do you collect anything?
  9. False. The person below me likes chewing gum.
  10. Logging in here to find some kind supportive blog replies.
  11. Numb, but loose. Kind of shaky. Tired even though I slept well.
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