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  1. .........people commit suicide? There've been so many suicides in the news lately of young, successful people.... so I worry about them. and I worry about 3 friends I've lost. and I worry about me if I ever did it. Does anybody really know what happens? Are there books/tv shows about it? I used to watch a documentary type show interviewing people who had near death experiences. Actually I had a near one myself years ago i the hospital. I've looked before. I bought George Anderson books. We've all read about the white light, the long dark tunnell.... and then people wake up and come back to life. So has anyone read accounts of people who experience more after suicide, and then come back to say what happened?
  2. liveoak

    rude as fuck

    Thanks, but its out of fear. I'm a woman, and i don't want to piss off a guy who could beat my ass. I REALLY WISH I COULD SAY, " WHAT? YOU MAD?" LOL If you can't find the number to that specific Waffle House, I'd imagine that the Waffle House Corporate Offices would be quite interested in what you have to say. hey, thanks, gearhead!
  3. liveoak

    rude as fuck

    eye fucked is exactly what it was, with a measure of killer thrown in
  4. liveoak

    rude as fuck

    Hey, thanks for responding. It's a damn good plan to talk to the owner if I can find the number. The more I think about it, 2 of the waitresses seemed high. I know them and they are usuaaly like. "I hate this job." Instead they were literally running through the place like playing tag and laughing their asses off. They were giddy. They were also putting money in the juke box and singing loudy with it like they were drunk. It is WAY past time I reported that old toothless pervert. He scares the fuck out of me. I'll never forget that "you're my next victim" creepy, terrifying look. He tries to fuck with me every time I see his grimy. old ass. Yeah, the pissed off dude in the humongous pickup truck has was probably pissed because I have a new car. His beat up truck looks like shit. I told him I had a fucking flat, and that's why I parked thet way. He just kept hollering. I hope he got a flat on the way home. ha. '
  5. man, It's the middle of the night, I'm starving, so i went to my local Waffle House. Usually the waitresses are nice there, but tonight I got ignored. I had to get up from my seat to go ask her for coffee refills. I was perfectlly nice every time, and always thanked her. Still she never checked on me. And, btw, it was practically empty, not like they were crowded. Then there is this grizzled old cook who works there, and he gives me the evil eye every time. He has a thing for me. He looked up and saw me walk up to the door, and he tried to say hello through the glass. This is a place where the grill is right in front of you, so they cook right there. I purposefully sat at teh other end of the bar, so the ex convict jackass would leave me teh fuck alone. But, nope, he walked all the way down there where teh cooks don't even go. he put his coffee on the bar and said, "How're you doin' tonight?" Get real Bubba. This is not a pick up joint, and you don't even have any gotdamned teeth! I stared down at my menu, and finally he walked off. He came back another time to get his damn coffee, and said something to me again. Again I glared down at the menu. I really need to make a complaint about this guy. Every time he is in there, he harasses me and leers at me. The first time it happened, I had no idea about him, and he left the grill to come over to the bar and talk to me. When i answered him and looked into his eyes, I swear to God, he looked at me like a hungry lion. It was SO disturbing. He had the look of a serial killer, and snice Waffle House hires ex con's, I'll bet my car that this dude IS a serial killer. Or a serial rapist at the least. How repulsive. THEN, when I left, I couldn't back my car out because some son of a bitch parked right behind me. I had parked diagonally BECAUSE I am driving around on a donut tire, and they blow up very easily, so I did not want to stress the tire by making sharp turns and listening to it make crunching noises. Of course, the vehicle that blocked me had many other spaces to choose from. he was driving a Chevy 4x4 pickup truck with two doors which is the size of an elephant. Naturally. So when the waitress told them they had to move their vehicle, they glared and me and said, She didn;t park right! She's the one who didn't park right! I mean they glared at me. There were tons of other spaces where they could have parked. It was empty in that section and the one behind it, so they had to park right behind me on purpose. Assholes. So in the parking lot, I said thank you to the guy, and he started cussing me out! I did not grow up like this! A man should treat a lady with respect. in fact, evrybody should treat everybody with respect. So I thought he was going to park somewhere else, but NO, he had to sit there, wait for me to move, and then pull back into his orginal parking place. I went into reverse so I could get out, and THEN he walks slowly behind me, right behinid my damn trunk. DARING me to hit hiim. Believe me I felt like hitting him, but I stopped myself. So I went over there for some decaf coffee and waffles, and to try to relax, and I get hassled the whole damn time. Fuckers.
  6. I have depression, anxiety, and sometimes it leads into paranoid psychosis. I am just now trying to pull out of a psychotic state I was in for two months. I believed completely that there were law enforcement people out to get me. There was a SWAT team on my roof. men yelling at one another. whistling, dragging chains on my roof. They had walkie talkies. they had a blue light that they would flash on my wall in the middle of hte night. That's when it was the worst. When I was asleep, or trying to be asleep. they would ring the doorbell in the middle of the night. I didn't go anywhere because htey were out to get me. If I did go to the grocery store, I would be surrounded by cops, driving by me, kind of surrounding me at a distance. I would completely freez in terror when that heppened. I also have an expired registration sticker on my car, so I worried about that. But if I went in to get it renewed, then they'd see that I had a warrant out for my arrest (so I thought). I was completely certain that I was going to prison for a felony. I knew that I wouldn't let them take me, so I wrote out my will, I found someone to take my dogs for me.. and that's as far as it got, but I wasa serious. Oh yeah, at one point I thought they were at my door, so I actually did try to cut my wrist, but it hurt too much and I stopped. They were more like paper cuts. Laughable in retrospect. so eventually, my brain really broke down. I felt out of control and like killing myself or somebody else. I couldn't contain myself at all. I finally realized I was sick and needed the hospital, but I certainly couldn't drive there or deal with checking msyelf in... so I did the next best thing, and took a lot of seroquel to bring me down. I was still paranoid, but at least beginning to realize that I had been imagining, hallucinating a lot of it. So, I probalby injested twice the normal amount that day. But that's hte day I ealize I was psychotic. btw, it did not knock me out.. it just kind of calmed me down. So I went through that hell for at least 60 days. Can you imagine what that is like? Sixty days of utter torment and terror? I can't either. My pdoc has been very cold about this.. she didn't react except to smirk at me about ny psychotic delusions. I said I needed the hospital and she said no, I need a day program. Well, she is wrong. She said I would have to be imminently suicidal or homocidal or psychotic... and that I met none of those in the present. But, lady, I did for two freaking months. she did not care. so I'm out here in the world.. she did prescribe for me to go up to 6oo to 8oo mg on seroquel. so I am doing that. I think it's helping, but it makes me feel pretty groggy.. I think I'll get used to that thouh. Has anybody else experienced this kind of thinng? for me, its long term intense anxiety that ultimagely expresses itself with crazy delusions and paranoia.
  7. The funny thing is if we're all a bunch of Luddites, who is going to answer our questions??? Here's my deal. I had all my photos on Photobucket, and Photobucket decided to delete them all, or delete my account or something. It happened when I got a new laptop, which shiouldnt affect it, but anyway. I need somewhere reliable to store my photos online. Preferably free. I could do that Klondike or whateve r it's called, some geology related name.. but they charge money. So where do you store your photos online?
  8. Don't worry. It didn't sound homophobic to me. It really clear that you are not homophobic.
  9. But if she's never going to see the guy again, why say anything at all? There just seems to be some unconscious homophobia going on with folks who feel the need to correct him.
  10. Where does the notification show up? eta: Never mind, I found it!
  11. Is there a way to "favorite" blogs? Mark them so theyre more visible, easily located, etc?
  12. http://www.barknpurr.com/DryDogFood.aspx Thoughts, recommendations, opinions?
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