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  1. Thank y'all for the support, im feeling much more comfortable with the therapy idea and will definitely make the call tomorrow for an appointment
  2. How can you feel so depressed and alone when your surrounded by family and friends?

  3. I do the same thing all my drs or even dentists have to be women. I just have problems trusting men
  4. Theres no way I can talk to a make therapist.. But i did find a lady online that seems perfect. Trying to stay optimistic
  5. All optimism gone just want to curl up in a dark corner and just hide from the world

  6. Feeling alittle optimistic today but the beers probably a major factor in this...

  7. Didn't sleep, shocker..

  8. Any suggestions? Does it help? And if so how long before you actually feel any better? Im on a ton of meds that arnt helping so my drs told me the only thing that will help is to seek out counseling. But it hard for me to open up to anyone let alone a complete stranger
  9. Ive never been prescibed anything before and now I am currently on 6 different meds for anxiety and chronic insomnia. Im on generics for vistaril, klonopin and xanex for sleep (not helping at all btw) and bupropion hcl co, buspirone and zoloft for anxiety and depression. Anyone know if i can take like unisom or zquil? My sleep specialist doesnt seem to be helping but might put me on trazadone. Anyone have experience with any of these meds?
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