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  1. hey everyone....wasn't sure where to post this, as i haven't been diagnosed with bpd yet, but about 5 or so years ago i was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. over the last year i have noticed strange symptoms that werent being addressed by the medication i take (anti-psychotics and anti-depressants). over the last year i have struggled greatly with these syptoms and feelings but didnt know that together they are in fact a disorder. recently i was hung up on the overwhelming feeling of having no sense of self. i was like: 'what the fuck is that?" anyways the next bit is kinda fishy, because i understand the problems with googling symptoms and self diagnosis. but i googled "no snese of self" it led me to another forum where someone posted about this problem. they too were seeking help. a later post in the forum suggested BPD. i looked it up and it was like i was looking into a mirror. the main issue im having is, i dont know how to bring up this idea with my psychiatrist and my family. they dont see it because they think my only issue is schizoaffective. i know im not dleusional, i am seriously suffering and its a steady decline. i dont know what to do. im very good at being the person everyone wants me to be, which is why they might be skeptical about me having the disorder.
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