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  1. Hi I have made a book documenting my whole life with bipolar and it is published on amazon now! THE BIPOLAR EXPERIENCE - A spiritual crisis survival guide UNLOCK - SPIRITUALITY, TRUTH AND WISDOM Contained within comes insight into what a spiritual crisis can be like and ways to identify one and how to manage such a crisis. Included is a play by play of a self-managed episode and much more, including dieting on weight gaining medications! -Biography -Spiritual attacks and defenses -Tools -My first episode -My first spiritual encounter -Case studies -Nutrition and supplementation -Bipolar and insomnia https://www.amazon.ca/BIPOLAR-EXPERIENCE-spiritual-crisis-survival/dp/B08BQTGY65/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=bipolar+experience+holmes&qid=1595958265&sprefix=bipolar+exp&sr=8-1
  2. Well I couldn’t take it isolating myself from the world and having no food in my house I finally made the switch to saphris especially after my sleep all a sudden became a big problem on olanzapine. life is back to normal I don’t need to isolate myself and I have a full fridge and cupboards now and I can eat like a normal human being again!!!
  3. Hi for the past 6 months or so all I can think of is getting td when I’m older and loosing a job because my tougne hangs out of my mouth. tardive dyskinesia - does everyone get this after prolonged use of atypical antipsychotics? I have bipolar type 1 and I need to take saphris 10mg every night for the rest of my life. Any insight into this would be much appreciated, thank you.
  4. Saphris sublingual should i brush after taking medication? I know I am supposed to wait 10 minutes before/after taking this med before drinking or eating. I just called the pharmacist and he said Saphris may contain a little bit of lactose and not to worry about brushing your teeth again.
  5. crtclms, It pooped out a few months after posting the first post here and i ended up in the hospital.
  6. Well no more monotherapy for me. I am taking 900mg lithium and 10mg saphris now as I was not getting even 2 hours sleep a night off saphris.
  7. My solution while being on Olanzapine the past 3 years is to stay away from my parents house as I pig out while I am there and secondly to have next to no food in my house that I will pig out on like bread and protein bars for example. For breakfast I would have yogurt with granola and fruit. For lunch i would have a small salad at a fast food joint every day and a Banana and for dinner i would eat fish with light batter or pulled chicken or bake turkey paddies for the next 3 days, wrapped in lettuce. Doing all this my weight stayed at 180 over 3 years but my body fat went from 17.5% to 23.5 % and I noticed a little flab around my stomach and arms. Overall I am ok with my body's composition but it could be better over the past 3 years and I can't wait to get back on Saphris which is weight neutral for me. 3 years is enough of dogging carbs every day, not to say I didn't have days that I would eat carbs, example, I would get a few tim bits from tim hortons or a protein bar or a few beers, a burger with whole wheat bun from a fast food joint. One thing i would not eat was french fries or rarely wheat or granola bars. ***Update***: I find silver hills organic sprouted bread very low on the GI index I can eat 2 pieces a day and not gain weight.
  8. Well my sleep off AAP is next to none so TD or no TD I think I will keep taking my AAP's
  9. Update: I have decided to switch to Saphris after feeling this incredible hunger on Olanzapine and my sleep being good 2 years of being on Olanzapine but now my sleep is starting to go down so I am switching. My body fat was 17.5% before starting Olanzapine and now it is 23.5%, and I still weigh 180lb, no change in my weight but my body fat has gone to up. This will correct itself after I can stop Olanzapine once my Saphris has built up in my system. This is not my first time from going to Olanzapine to Saphris.
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