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  1. Going to sleep. And planning on starting tomorrow positively.
  2. Thanks SF! I have similar thoughts daily. That's a really interesting way to look at it
  3. I only started recently but the longest period that I haven't sh'd for so far has been a week
  4. Hmmm sometimes I feel like I'm having a battle with myself. I feel like my body is asking for it but I'm telling myself I don't want to it's horrible. I'll even tell myself I'm not enjoying this it hurts etc but until I've already done it once I won't stop?
  5. I prefer to go to work that way in not over thinking about anything that can trigger me I guess. If I do have an attack of sorts at work I generally have a quick break. But I push on because I tell myself that there are others relying on me. I guess 90% of the time that works otherwise it just stresses me out.
  6. This happens to me pretty much daily! I just never thought anything of it so usually pay it down when I speak to my Dr. Its a horrible feeling sometimes I even feel like I'm falling out of myself if that makes any sense. Nauseous also. It isn't directly as a result of an upcoming event. I could have a thought that sets it off. Or think that I had a de ja vu and something bad is about to happen
  7. I would definitely talk to your GP about it, or your therapist if you have one. I think a lot of people feel similarly, in that they are scared by their own behavior. I know personally in the moment I am not bothered by what I'm doing, but afterward I often feel scared by the damage I have done. Thank you. I've made an appointment so hopefully i don't back out
  8. Hi guys. I recently started self harming. I don't enjoy it. It actually scares me but i don't know how to stop or whether i should talk to my GP about it.
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