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  1. YAY Lysergia! I come back, and it's like.. different! But the same! But different! It's good to see you Yes, this too. I didn't really mention it since the topic was BPD. I helped plan a sexuality and AS conference in the past, and the researcher, at least in person, seemed to respect the ability of autistic people to know how they experienced their gender and sexuality. As opposed to some professional views that block autistic trans people from access that non-autistic trans people have, because of some BS lack of insight argument. (ETA: other MI dxes may also be a barrier to access to SRS or other trans-related services, so not singling out autism spectrum on that one) For me, I do think being autistic and my non-cis gender and sexuality are linked, but hey, it's a good thing. I just have sub-trauma reactions to remembering this one pdoc who, not only was saying "do you like penises or not?" (yes seriously) and also said "You want an aspergers diagnosis so you have an excuse not to change" and refused to even discuss the possibility because he knew two male autistics who were nothing like me.. uh, yeah.
  2. A pdoc who was trying to pursue BPD with me was trying to pin down my sexuality and "use" my bisexuality (and at the time, pretty intense confusion around it) as a marker of unstable identity. Well, I suppose technically my sexual identity was shifting, but I have a pretty strong reaction to that identity piece (of the BPD dx) in general but specifically when it comes to sexuality because it IS fluid. I still want to mail that pdoc a package of Judith Butler's seminal works for toilet reading. Now, distress over it being fluid? That happens. I blame a messed up culture that has removed the skirts from piano legs but is pretty much still good at making people feel like freakheads for stuff that doesn't make babies.
  3. ptsdmacosis!

  4. yes, Tom, the name stuck.

    @stickler thanks :)

  5. i have always thought your avatar pic was well-done

  6. :)) <-- double chin. heh.
  7. peeej

    yo. nice to see you here.

  8. ♥ to mah peej

  9. Hey peej! Thanks for answering all my questions. I really appreciate it. I hope we can talk some time :DD

  10. started off as presentjoy. i juuuust changed it to peeej - because that's what everyone started calling me. PJ. Or Peejie. or variations thereof. what does it mean? kind of about living in the moment and finding joy in unexpected places. at the time it was what i wished for, but didn't really embody. peace out.
  11. good. hardline it. it looks like you haven't had too much curebie fanatics in here. they're all over twitter. impossible to avoid, almost. or maybe you're quashing them all. in any case, it doesn't even need a thanks, really. as if y'all would be on the stupid side of the non-debate.
  12. smoooooochies

  13. i didn't put #1 but on second thought it's because i took it very literally and i believe i don't FRANTICALLY avoid abandonment or perceived abandonment. i freak out about it. is that the same thing in your opinion? if so i would put #1 and have 5 instead of >5. PJ
  14. I send PJ cool music because she is cool and stuff.

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